4 Back to School Looks Inspired by Youtubers

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There is just something so exciting about back to school. Everyone seems to look forward to something different: fresh notebooks, a new start, or a different look. You know what I get excited for?

Back to school lookbooks on Youtube.

Don’t get me wrong; I also really look forward to school supply shopping (A.K.A. buying all the highlighters). But there is just something about back to school Youtube lookbooks that I love. Perhaps it is the idea of redefining my style-or, stylish outfits being put together by girls like me (who just happen to have millions of fans around the globe). 

Drawing inspiration from celebrity fashion is great, but sometimes can seem unobtainable (especially on a college budget). That is why I get my daily dose of fashion inspo from my favorite Youtubers. 

To amp up your style game, I’ve compiled a list of some popular Youtubers with great style-and I’ve created outfits inspired by their looks. Enjoy!

Danielle Carolan (formerly Danielle Marie)

Danielle is one of my favorite fashion Youtubers. Her bright, cheery personality warms every video-and she has a killer sense of style. (Don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram!) 

Though Danielle is a senior in high school, her style is so mature and perfect for a college campus. You should totally check out her channel-and watch her Weekend in My Life vlogs. (They’re the best.) 

Look Inspired by Danielle

“Back at it with the white vans!”

Products: Top, Jeans, Bag, Vans

Channel Danielle by wearing her staple top: a nice nude lace-up number. Finish it with her favorite pair of white Vans, a pair of skinny jeans…and an iced vanilla latte, of course.

Olivia Jade

Look familiar? Olivia is the daughter of Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) from Full House! Olivia has her mom’s beautiful looks (ugh…perfect genes) and a knack for creating simple, easy to follow makeup tutorials. 

Olivia also has a quirky, cool sense of style that channels the ’90s to perfection. Her looks are so fun to recreate and will add a lot of originality to your own personal style. 

Look Inspired by Olivia Jade

Products: Hoodie, Leggings, Slip-Ons

Olivia’s cool athleisure look would be perfect for class. Copy her style with a pair of patterned leggings, a trendy cropped hoodie, and a sleek pair of slip-ons.

Meredith Foster

Meredith Foster is one of the two Savage Squad members included in this post! Formerly known as StilaBabe09, Meredith first made a name for herself by posting a video entitled “How To Get Taylor Swift’s Curls Without Heat!” Speaking of T Swift, I miss her curls!

Since then, Meredith has become a lifestyle Youtuber who promotes loving the skin you’re in. Her long hair is so envy-worthy and her back to school outfit ideas are on point!

Look Inspired by Meredith

Products: Hat, T-Shirt, Skirt, Backpack, Shoes

Get Meredith’s cute look with a trendy suede baseball cap, a sweet button up denim skirt, a plain T and a pair of Superstars. 

Teala Dunn

Teala has quickly become one of my favorite vloggers because of her real, down-to-Earth vlogs. Teala promotes and shares positivity, and is a wonderful role model for the younger girls who watch her. 

Teala also has a great sense of style-I love keeping up with her OOTDs through Instagram and her (almost) daily vlogs. 

Look Inspired by Teala

Products: Top, Jeans, Boots, Backpack

Teala is rarely ever seen without her trusty pair of boots, so I included this adorable brown pair. The lace accents and high-waisted skinny jeans are totally things that Teala would wear. Oh-and BRB while I buy this backpack for myself.


Who is your favorite Youtube personality? Would you like to see anymore outfits inspired by different Youtubers? Comment down below!

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