4 Fun Outfits Inspired by the Fashion from "Girls Trip"

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Achieve #squadgoals status with inspiration from the women of Girls Trip.

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Move over, Rough Night. 

Girls Trip has arrived and has already trounced its sister film at the box office. It’s already the most successful raunchy summer comedy to hit the big screen in years. 

I can attest to its greatness: This movie pulls out all the stops and the gags keep going until you’re rolling on the floor laughing.

Girls Trip stars Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett Smith as college BFFs who travel to New Orleans to rekindle their friendship after years apart.

As with Rough Night, the ladies of Girls Trip each have their own distinct personalities. So today I’m going to break down each woman’s style and show you how you can get that Girls Trip look for yourself.

Girls Trip Outfit 1: Ryan

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Regina Hall is Ryan, an uber successful author who is essentially the “leader” of the girl squad, which they call “The Flossy Posse.” She’s hardworking, driven, and loves to tell her readers that they can “have it all” like her… but that doesn’t mean that she is without her own issues. 

Ryan’s style is prim, preppy and put-together because she’s in business, but it isn’t boring. What her outfits lack in complexity, they make up for with their vibrant colors. 

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To get Ryan’s style, start with a red body-con choker dress and a matching clutch. The bold, bright color of the dress and clutch just screams “Lady Boss.”  

Every woman in charge needs some good, reliable-yet-comfortable shoes, so throw on some simple black heels with an ankle strap. 

Lastly, while these triangle earrings give the outfit a bit more dimension, a classic nude lip ties everything together for polished, chic feel.

Girls Trip Outfit 2: Dina

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Breakout star Tiffany Haddish is Dina, the loudmouthed, hilarious girl of the group. Her raucous behavior and lack of manners often cause the group trouble, however she’s still a great friend. Through thick and thin, Dina loves her girls and will do anything for them… even if she doesn’t know what she’s doing herself.

Since Dina is loud, bright, and bold, it’s no surprise that her outfits reflect those qualities. Dina’s style is in-your face, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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In the film, Dina wears a pink, patterned jumpsuit to the club, so I channeled that look with these loose-fitting, bright pink pants. They’re super fun yet still look fashion-forward when paired with a tropical green crop top. 

Tall black wedges are essential for a vacation with the girls, regardless of where you’re going: They go with just about everything. 

Finish the look with a bright pink lip and big statement hoop earrings — these are similar to the ones Dina rocks throughout the movie.

Girls Trip Outfit 3: Sasha

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Sasha is played by Queen Latifah. She’s the sassy, fun gossip blogger of the group. Since she blogs for a living, she’s up-to-date with all the latest trends and fads in the entertainment world. Her outfits, naturally, reflect that.

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Jumpsuits and culottes have been all the rage this summer, so I decided to blend the styles into one with a bright red culotte jumpsuit

As a blogger and celebrity gossip aficionado, Sasha’s look has to be on point from her head to her feet. This, of course, includes her nails. Rock some bright red polish to channel her vibe.

In addition to the bold reds we’ve already got going on in this look, I decided to throw in some blue hoop earrings and a blue clutch. Colorblocking is always a hot trend, so the reds and the blues work together perfectly without making the outfit too loud. 

Lastly, I added the summer’s hottest shoe trend, the mule, for some added flair, finishing the look off with a classic nude lip.

Girls Trip Outfit 4: Lisa

Jada Pinkett Smith plays Lisa, who acts as a mother to the other girls in the group, keeping them in check when they get too wild. However, she is also the only woman in the group who is an actual mother. She loves her girls just like she loves her kids. 

Lisa rocks modest attire, but it can be a bit old lady-ish at times. During one scene in the film, the girls even tell her that she’s dressed like someone’s grandmother. In that scene, Lisa is wearing a dark, floral midi skirt and a 3/4 sleeved lace top. It’s a cute look in theory, but the pieces just age her drastically.

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For an outfit inspired by Lisa, I decided to channel her “grandmother” look with a decidedly younger vibe. 

I started off the look with a similar midi skirt, but I picked a more vibrantly colored one and paired it with a sexy off-white bralette. This steers the look away from “grandma chic.”

I tied everything together with a fun pom-pom tote bag, some cognac lace-up sandals, and a floppy straw hat that would be perfect for fun in the sun with the girls.

What do you think?

Did you enjoy this movie? Which character had the best style? Tell us in the comments.

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