4 Timeless Spring Essentials for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Buy these pieces now and wear them every spring for years to come.

Polka dot dress – Tilly’s

We’ve entered the month of March, meaning spring is just around the corner! While it’s fun to try out the hottest new looks, there are a few timeless spring looks that are must haves for every wardrobe.  

These four timeless spring fashion essentials remain in the spotlight as the years go on because they can be styled with newer trends and still maintain a polished look. 

Keep reading to see the four spring fashion must-haves that will stay in style year after year:

Anything Floral Print

Floral prints make their way to stores every spring, and I can’t remember a spring where they haven’t been in style. 

My favorite thing about floral prints is that they can be dressed up or down, and can be found adorning just about any clothing item. There are tons of options to choose from:

  • The classic spring item is the floral sundress — perfect for those of you with a preppy, girly style.
  • Not really a floral dress girl? Try floral print pants instead! Stores like Forever 21 and Torrid have got you covered. 
  • In need of a new blazer for work? Why not spice things up with a floral print blazer? Stores like River Island and Macy’s have just the ones for you. 

The best part? Any floral print item you buy now can also be worn happily into the summer months. Win for your budget!

A Chambray Shirt

Relaxed Chambray Shirt for Women

The chambray shirt finds its spot on the racks every year, redesigned to perfection to follow suit of each years top trends and new styles. 

A heavier alternative of an oxford shirt, this light blue button-down can be styled in many ways. It can be fashioned into a business casual outfit in place of a regular oxford shirt, can be worn with leggings to grab a coffee, or even worn in place of a cardigan over a tank top or t-shirt. Tie one around your waist for instant style points.

The chambray shirt is a timeless spring essential because it travels through the years, maintaining its light blue color, fitting right into the palettes of spring while managing to never go out of style. 

Something Polka-Dotted

Original Fit Polka Dot Portofino Shirt

Polka dots are preppy, sweet, and can mesh well with a variety of different aesthetics, which is what makes them a perpetual spring favorite.

My favorite way to wear polka dots is on a blouse, fashioned with a pair of trousers and loafers. A polka dot blouse is great for any business look, and the small print spices up your outfit, making you feel just a little less bland or plain. 

You could also do a polka dot dress like the one from Tilly’s at the top of the post.


Mix No. 6 Gazzi Loafer

Though it seems everyone’s first idea when they think of loafers is their grandma’s old slip-ons, these moccasin like flats have traveled through time, reinventing the look and style as decades have gone on. 

Loafers can be worn with any outfit, and they maintain a look that says spring but can also read winter, which is great for the transitional period between the two seasons. 

My favorite thing about loafers is that you can find a pair to fit your unique style. Whether your look is preppy, edgy, classic, boho, or somewhere in between, there’s a perfect loafer for you. Loafer mules are an of-the-moment way to try this look, if trends are your thing.


These four spring fashion essentials work great with any type of style or wardrobe. Because they are seen every spring, it’s easy to spot them in almost any store and wear them for years to come.

What are your spring fashion essentials? Any timeless pieces I missed? Leave a comment below!

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