5 Amusement Park Essentials You Never Thought to Bring

Don’t be that person who’s sweating buckets and can’t do anything about it.

The sun is out which means we can finally enjoy the warmer weather outside!

Going to the amusement park is always a fun option to choose to get your heart racing. Whether you’re going to the theme park with family, friends, or even a first date, everyone is bound to have some fun!

Though staying somewhere for a long period at a time means packing the necessities you will need for the entire day. Packing for anything can be hard, you never know what you might need or might not need until what is required most isn’t there for you to use. 

So, below I listed some of the items you may not have thought of bring to an amusement park.

1. Hand-Held Fan

Waiting in lines that can take up to an hour is hard to handle, particularly when the sun is beating down on you! Having a trusty mini fan with you in line will save you the frustrations of waiting in line… just a bit.

This portable fan is a hand-held, battery powered fan which is also USB rechargeable. Now you can charge your fan with the power bank you brought along with you, without looking for an outlet to recharge, when your fan happens to run out of battery! 

2. Cooling Towels

Though when all that’s blowing from your fan is hot air, a cooling towel is a must!

All you need to do is pour some water on the towel and it’ll instantly be your savior when you wrap the cool towel around your neck. 

This is especially great when you don’t have any cold water with you to pour on a towel, because the towel will automatically turn cool with the presence of water!

3. Snacks

Food prices can add up quickly at an overpriced, touristy destination like an amusement park.

Bringing along some snacks to munch on between rides can reduce your chances of eating a big meal during lunch when you’re starving for some food!

A few snack recommendations I’d suggest would be some granola bars, fruits, or even a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich! 

4. Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes

Looking for restrooms to wash your hands to eat is a hassle, especially when it’s a long walk from where you’re eating!

Having a hand sanitizer with you keeps you from walking across the park to wash your hands. If hand sanitizers aren’t your thing hand wipes/wet wipes are a great alternative.

5. Extra Set of Clothes

If you are planning on going on rides that involve water, you don’t want to be walking around with your see-through shirt! And regardless of top color, it’s just uncomfortable to be walking around the park dripping wet.

Bringing a lightweight shirt that will be easily shaped into your bag without wrinkling is your best bet. A material like cotton or rayon will be breezy and compact enough to fit into your bag.

This top from H&M is 100 percent cotton, so you’ll know your material will be breathable in the hot weather!

What do you think?

What is the one thing you have to bring to the amusement parks? What are your favorite snacks to bring? Let us know in the comments below!

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