5 Necessary Pieces for Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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When the weather is more flip floppy than Kanye’s relationship with Twitter, you may be wondering,”what the heck am I even supposed to wear today?” We got you.

My campus, in the middle of the cornfields that is Champaign-Urbana, had a crazy roller coaster of weather this past week. It snowed one day and the next few days were in the high 60s. I woke up every morning with the same question: what do I wear? When the weather is transitioning and you’re not sure what the day will bring, from rain to heat, to even snow and wind, dressing can be a challenge. 

When you don’t want to confusingly switch from wearing jeans and boots one day to a dress the next, these tips can help you seamlessly transition into your spring wardrobe without making a drastic switch. 

You can dress with the weather and stay comfortable but also look fashionable while dealing with what mother nature is literally throwing at us. (Seriously, what is her problem?) 


You can start to wear your spring favorites like dresses, skirts and even shorts if you just add a pair of tights. 

This Vogue article seems to think that the new “ugly trend” of 2018 will be grandma “pantyhose” or nude tights that look like they can be bought at a drugstore. I don’t have an opinion on this yet (don’t worry, I’ll come up with one at some point). 

However, when I say tights today, I mostly mean opaque black, and for the most part we all know how to wear these. But other colors can work in certain situations. Here are ways you can wear different tights this transitioning season:

1. Fishnets

For an edgier but chic look pair fishnets with boyfriend jeans or use color blocking and wear a cool skirt or dress. Play with textures, also. Below I have created an outfit of fishnets with a bold fur coat, floral print and black oxfords. This look would be perfect for a slightly colder day, you can always shed the coat of course for when the weather switches up on you.

Products: Floral dress – Zara, Coat – XXI, Oxfords – Nordstrom, Fishnets – H&M, Choker – AE

2. Colored Tights

Wearing colored tights can mean making them your statement article, or mixing and matching colors all around for a fun and lively look that is perfect for spring. The light camel coat is a great weight for a cooler spring day, and it pairs perfectly with everything.

You can also wear open toed shoes with your colorful tights in an obviously deliberate and strategic way for probably the edgiest look around. People will ogle at how cool you look if you can pull that off, and you can easily, you just need confidence.

Products: Blouse – TopShopTights – Old Navy, Coat – Boohoo, Skirt – Missguided, Clogs – Free People

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be worn with jeans on colder days, or with shorts or light skirts on warmer days. They are the easiest shoe to pair with anything during this time of confusing weather.

Products: Boots – Nordstrom | Items: 1. Urban Outfitters, 2. Tobi, 3. H&M, 4. Express, 5. TopShop, 6. TopShop

I paired these Jeffrey Campbell all-weather boots (that I want, are you reading this Mommy?) with many different bottoms. From a tied maxi to a floral flowy skirt and even denim cut-offs, they clearly can be worn in many different ways and can matched with many different styles.

Invest in a nice pair of affordable ankle booties and your transition period will be made much easier footwear-wise.

Lob Cut

I added this in here for me. All the stars are donning freshly cut locks in various shorter styles and I adore it. Think about it. Summer break is quickly approaching, a time for sitting by the chlorine-injected-pool in your guard chair, running to get coffee for your boss on-call, or whatever it is you guys do during your summers.

When spring/summer weather arrives (for real) we will be sweating and sticky by the end of most our days no matter what we do. Though we are told not to wash our hair every day, in summer when we will feel the need to and probably will. This style is easier to deal with in the shower. Am I the only one who gets legitimately tired washing my long hair? Maybe I need to hit up the gym. 

These stars clearly embrace the slightly-shorter do. You could too for the warmer months.

Rain Coat

Too often during spring, our days are ruined by checking the weather app to see a day ahead full of cloudy skies and rain. Not only does this mean chillier weather in general, but it also means we’ll need a coat to avoid getting soaked. Luckily these cool PVC coats are super trendy, if not now among your friends and classmates, in Europe. 

Let me tell you, plastic fashion will slowly make itself around to your campus if it hasn’t yet, so you might as well be the first to rock a super cool see-through coat. Karl Lagerfeld, in his Spring 2018 Chanel Ready-to-wear Show, definitely kicked off this look, walking models down his eccentric runways in many forms of PVC wear.

These coats don’t ruin your carefully put-together outfit either because you can see said outfit through the coat! From a funky dress to jeans and a cool tee, these coats will actually make your outfit — frame it, even. Who’s looking forward to the next rainy day?

Here are a few I could find by some retailers at college-student prices!

Products: 1. Zara, 2. boohoo, 3. ASOS, 4. ASOS, 5. TopShop


Mixing one spring-y item with one winter-y item is a way you can think of dressing during transitioning. For example, pair a sweater (winter item) and a flowy skirt (spring item), or a tank (spring) and a cool pair of jeans (winter). And this is definitely your main key to dressing for the weird weather while staying somewhat consistent throughout the week. Depending on the day, you can organize these items in ways that will keep you comfy, cute and consistent. 

Remember fabric weight and textures when combining. A chunky sweater and a light flowy skirt would be perfect for a cooler day. Or, for instance, a pair of denim culottes and an off-the-shoulder crop top would be better for a warmer day.

How do you transition from winter to spring? Will you use these tips?

Let me know in the comments. Be sure to tag @collegefashion in any outfit photos if you try this — we may feature you on our Instagram!

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