5 Quick Tips to Help You Decide What to Wear to Your Summer Internship

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An internship is the time to perfect your style in the professional workplace.

This will be too bold for some internships, but it might be amazing for a fashion internship.

After spending all year on campus simply dressing for classes, it is way too easy to become accustomed to the laid-back styles of campus fashion. Who doesn’t love the easiness of throwing on simple leggings and a pullover? However, I quickly learned this summer at my first magazine internship that “campus casual” is not going to cut it in the workplace.

Dressing well is a form of good manners. -Tom Ford

Even in a laid-back environment, your style needs to be altered once you land a summer internship. While professional attire requires some extra thought, do not fret– it’s fairly simple to look chic as an intern. The following five tips will help you get a look that will be boss-approved.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

This pale pink suit would look great with a gray top under the blazer.

Color coordination is important when dressing for the office. I am not talking about wearing every color of the rainbow here…Think of colors you already know pair well together. For example classic colors such as red with black, pink with grey, and maybe lavender with mint green. (Here’s a guide mixing colors in your outfits.)

If you’re not sure if a color is too bold for the workplace, keep your business dress code in mind and stick with neutrals plus a pop of one color that’s brighter and more interesting.

2. Add Polished Pieces

Adding some polished fashion pieces to your outfit can completely change your look. A good blazer, for instance, is a true style staple. Make sure to find one because it will create a look that is as put together as it is classy. Pair it with some heels and a well-fitted skirt. 

Another polished fashion item you should have in your arsenal is a good pair of trousers. Today’s trousers include a wide selection that ranges from solid colors to fun patterns such as stripes.

3. Accessorize

Pearls are basically an emblem of classy sophistication.

Bold accessories can easily turn an entire outfit around. For an internship that means going for more sophisticated pieces that still make a statement. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets should add just a touch of allure to your overall look. For example, pearls will add a vintage kind of classiness that should be appropriate in most workplaces.

4. Pack Fashionably

Leave the backpack at home and show up to your internship with a tasteful bag. I suggest a bag that offers better utility components. You will need something that’s cute with good storage. Make sure you can carry all the essentials, such as pens, your MacBook, a charger, and of course your savvy smartphone. I suggest going for a leather one that will last a while. The most important quality to look for is a bag that will be office appropriate.

5. Pick the Right Shoes

These shoes were made for walking… literally.

Internships are often filled with random tasks that may keep you on your feet for numerous hours at a time. Finding the right comfortable shoes is a necessity to keep your sanity through long hours. Flats are a perfect idea to keep comfortable. If you’re not a fan of flats or you are required to wear something higher for work, go for the heels. Just make sure to stock up on heel inserts and padding and maybe keep some flats in your bag for once you clock out.

What are your best internship style tips?

Now that you know how to look trendy for your internship, go work hard and aim for your dream job! And tell us what you wear to your internship in the comments.

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