5 Tips For Online Shopping Safety

Written by Maria Shinta

Today, shopping online has become easy because of the internet world. Before, people find themselves stuck in a local store where they will need to deal with the long lines at the cashier and the grueling selection process on the products that they want. Today, everybody can buy anywhere and anytime! We just need to start your PC and go to online shopping sites.

Still, there are some flaws about online shopping and that includes identity theft and credit card fraud. This article will tell us 5 tips in order, to succeed online shopping safely.

1. Credit cards over debit cards:
Use credit cards instead of debit cards. Credit cards offer complete protection when dealing with identity theft. With credit cards, your liability for fraud charges will be smaller as long as we report the fraud within 30 to 60 days. On the other hand, when one uses a debit card online, and someone has gained access to it, they could clear up your checking account before we knew that there is a problem. There is a possibility that we could get it back, but it may last for a while. Worse, is that we will not get it back at all.

2. The disposable credit card is better:
There is a better way to secure online shopping by using a disposable credit card. The disposable credit card works just like a gift card. All we need to do is to add a specified amount to the card, then we are ready to go. Both Visa and American Express are offering these cards.

3. Always verify website security:
If we are going shopping online, then we should also remember this: Online shopping sites have made it easy for us to gain access to their site, and some of this site does not provide secure online shopping. The website is safe if it has a small lock icon in the lower right corner that tells us that the site is secure. Limit yourself to secure websites only!

4. Do not shop on the public.
By this, we mean that we should do it at home. Shopping online in public places such as internet cafe is not safe. We do not know what spyware or malware that infects that computer. Shop at home, it is much safer.

5. Do not Store Information elsewhere:
Many shopping sites, even the leading company, give us the capability to keep your credit card information to their servers to speed up the process. We should take while shopping online securely.
The two of the best benefits of shopping online are that online shopping sites give us discounts on prices and selection process is hassle free. Always take time to shop securely. Not only that we can find fantastic deals, but also we would not worry about people scamming us.

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