6 Catchy & Mood-Boosting Songs to Get You Through Finals Week

*starts moonwalking in the library*

The signs are everywhere: the piles of coffee cups in the trash cans, the printers spewing 56483 pages of study guides, the library posting longer and later hours while simultaneously emailing preachy messages about getting enough sleep… How did it come again so quickly?

Yes, finals are upon us again, and you know what that means: stress, stress, and more stress. Here at CF, we want to help. We’ve showed you some finals week outfits, but what about finals week songs? While I cannot take away that ten page paper your anthropology prof so cruelly assigned two days ago, I can help with how you feel abut it with these music picks. 

Hopefully these songs will leave you feeling more energized and upbeat in your darkest hour of hopelessness and fatigue. 

You might even start dancing. Just saying.

Best Mood-Boosting Songs for Finals Week:

1. Apollo- Last Dinosaurs

This Australian band has yet to REALLY break into the US, which is a shame because their songs are breezy, summer weather anthems that should be all over the airwaves here. “Apollo” isn’t just upbeat – it’ll have you dancing as you forget all your problems. 

2. For Real – Mallrat

Mallrat isn’t just another Australian singer picking up in the US. This whip-smart 19 year-old pens catchy songs with clever lyrics. Her song “For Real” is perfect for a study break, and be sure to watch its music video, too. (The video has two cute dogs playing with each other!!!)

3. Everything is Debatable – Hellogoodbye

This song isn’t exactly new, but once you hear the opening lines you’ll understand why it’s on this list. While not being particularly musically groundbreaking, ‘Everything Is Debatable’ has everything a feel-good song should: sunny guitars, a solid beat, and a chorus that’ll have you singing along. Perfect for stressful times.

4. My Body – Young The Giant

‘My Body’ is the OTHER Young the Giant song you should know about. And while ‘Cough Syrup’ was melancholy rainy-day music, ‘My Body’ is an exciting, pump-up anthem. Yessss.

5. Get What You Give – Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal is an electronic producer/DJ. His cover of ‘You Get What You Give’ takes everything that worked in the ’90s hit by The New Radicals and adds some synths and a good bass for the perfect feel-good tune. (The music starts around :20.)

6. Love For Everyone – courtship.

Los Angeles duo courtship. always adds some California sunshine to their music. Their upbeat songs, like ‘Love For Everyone,’ aren’t cheesy – they acknowledge that not every day is the best day of your life. But with a catchy hook and banging chorus, ‘Love For Everyone’ will actually get you excited for the end of the semester – you’re that much closer to carefree, lovely summer days!

What Do You Think?

What’s your favorite feel-good song to listen to when times get stressful? Do you have any recommendations for a finals week mood-booster? What did you think of my picks? Let us know in the comments!

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