9 Food-Inspired Decorations That Will Make You Hungry for More

Who said food is just for eating?

I’m sure you’ve heard some form of the expression “the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach.” And it’s true. Roses are nice, yes, but buy me a delicious burrito and I’m yours. 

Food is a huge part of college culture as well. Have a big exam coming up? Get ready to nervously snack on chips while you study. Inviting a group of friends over? Bake some cookies so you have an impressive food offering. Netflix-ing? I’m sure you have a go-to pizza delivery spot.

While usually reserved for the kitchen and dining areas, it’s easy to incorporate your favorite treats into the rest of your home, too. No – I don’t mean eating in bed and messing up the sheets you just washed. But if you’re looking for some fun and flavorful ways to decorate, check out these food-inspired decor items:

Lemon Dinner Set

Just when I thought I had everything I needed… This Kate Spade dinner set is perfect for summer with floral vibes and brightly colored lemons. I love the lemon pattern because it isn’t too in-your-face and is elegant enough to serve even your parents.

While you can only see the plates in the image above, you can buy coordinating items like bowls, napkins, and even a serving tray. Yum!

Doughnut Pinata

Okay, maybe a piñata shouldn’t count as decor. But if you don’t end up beating it with a stick (though the temptation is always there!), you can hang this doughnut piñata on the wall and claim it’s modern art. 

This hanging doughnut also makes for good decor at a party, where you can have guests bash it down later.

Banana Print Poster

This unique print is a reminder that bananas, before they go bad, are ultra delicious — and pretty to look at. 

With an asymmetrical design and the off-center placement of the bananas, this print by Beach London will be a fave for years to come.

Candy Rug

Got a sweet tooth? This ultra-cute rug is printed with an assortment of colorful lollies and wrappers that will make your apartment that much sweeter. 

If you like this print, it also comes in a duvet cover, art print, mug, and throw pillow.

Taco Pillow

What is it? You’re probably asking yourself that question. This mysterious taco isn’t just printed onto a poster – it’s a pillow

While you may not want to make this your go-to sleeping aid, this pillow is a quirky addition to your couch and makes a great novelty gift for that friend who insists Taco Bell is supreme.

Egg Salt-and-Pepper Set

While I don’t know how many people count a fried egg as a favorite food, this egg-shaped salt and pepper set is too cute to pass up! 

You can put the egg on top of the pan for easy storage, and surprise people with the functionality of what looks like might just be a toy.

Watermelon Serving Tray

Buy this serving tray before the 4th of July and you’ll get a lot of compliments at your Independence Day party. This watermelon-printed tray is tin, not plastic, so it’s fairly sturdy and can carry heavier foods and drinks. 

If you’re not down to walk around offering people refreshments off of it, it still makes a great centerpiece, especially if you serve actual watermelon on it.

Golden Apple Storage Box

This gold-plated apple isn’t just for show. It’s a fully functional storage box

Keep your small trinkets out of sight using the concealed compartment, or use it to keep your earrings and rings in one place.

Paris Macaron Clock

What time is it? Time to visit Paris! This clock will keep you daydreaming all day and help time fly by with its yummy-looking macarons. Perfect for adding some Parisian glam vibes to your room.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite food item that you’d like to incorporate into your decor? Share your finds and suggestions in the comments area.

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