9 Fun DIYs to Try This Summer

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Look no further!

Summertime means more free time to do fun activities! That means drive-in movies, spontaneous trips with friends, and chic DIYs that will spruce up any space. I love to DIY as it’s a great way to beat summer boredom and create something gorgeous you’ll love for years to come.

Need some ideas to get you started? These 9 DIY project ideas are the perfect ones to try with your spare time and are super easy to do!

1. Pop-Tart Pillow DIY from Aww Sam

This ultra-cute DIY is inspired by the childhood classic…Poptarts! These were the best breakfast food/snack growing up. This DIY will bring back all the nostalgia of the ’90’s and is super easy to make!

The best part about this DIY? There is no sewing involved so it only requires minimal crafting skills. All you’ll need is fabric glue! Another great part of this DIY is that there is also a chocolate Poptart option as well. Regardless of which is your favorite, you’ll have a fun time making these pillows.

2. Teacup Succulent Garden from Epheriell Designs

This cute little project might be “DIY adjacent.” That means it doesn’t require much making, just mostly planting! This cute idea will instantly upgrade your space and make it so much more lively. 

Plants spruce up any room and some succulents, such as aloe, even provide advantageous health benefits. This DIY just requires some mugs, soil, and some plants (give or take the decorative rocks)!

3. DIY Tassel Earrings from a Pair and a Spare

This next DIY is one I have even tried myself! Tassel earrings right now are all the rage and these are no exception. You can change the colors up to fit your own style or decide on a school or sorority theme.

These do require minimal sewing skills but just to the extent of threading a needle. They also require the use of pliers but those are the most difficult aspects of this (AKA you can handle it). These earrings are chic and can be worn with even the most sophisticated of looks.

4. Flower Embellished Basket from Sewing Rabbit

Have you ever seen a cuter basket? Me either. Therefore, this DIY is sure to brighten up any dreary room. This is also relatively simple to make and doesn’t take many tools! Just grab your hot glue gun and some paper mache (or store bought) fake flowers and you’re all set!

This is a nice DIY for a living room. You can make it unique to your space by editing the color scheme above to match your space or by adding other details such as ribbons or pom-poms.

5. Ribbon Wall Hanging from Autumn Sorelle

If you’ve been looking into starting a gallery wall in your room, this is definitely a good DIY to look into. It’s very similar to the extremely popular wall weavings that have been all over Instagram lately, and it’d make a fantastic addition to your dorm room or apartment.

This DIY requires a dowel, some scissors, and your ribbons of choice! You also have the choice of cutting them as long or short as you would like. This can allow you the ability to perfectly tailor this to any wall. 

6. DIY Donut Bath Bombs from Soap Queen

This next DIY is all about treating yo’ self! Are you a donut lover? Then these are an absolute no-brainer. These are the cutest bath bombs to ever be made and they aren’t too hard to create! 

This project does require some items that aren’t common household items, such as witch hazel, but with a little searching these items shouldn’t be too hard to find. Plus the end result will be so worth it.

7. DIY Doormat from More Lifestyle

If you’ve been sick of May showers, hopefully they go away in June! If not, this DIY will clear any storm. Been wanting a new doormat but haven’t found the perfect one yet? Then make your own.

The most this requires is just a generic brown doormat (or choose any other color/pattern that you like!), outdoor spray paint, and a printer for your saying! This can be completely customized to what you want which is awesome.

8. DIY Painted Lemon Bag from Delineate Your Dwelling

This is a pretty random DIY but I thought these little lemon bags were just too adorable not to include in my list. Lemons are basically the official fruit of the summer and these bags are great for gift bags at weddings or just to carry around jewelry on trips!

This is another simple project that won’t take much time or money. All you’ll need is just some acrylic paint and little fabric baggies! Another way to do this DIY is to do a large print on a canvas tote.

9. DIY Flower Letter from Lulu’s Blog

This is another DIY that is great for anyone wanting to add a gallery wall their home or just a little something pretty to their desk area. Probably the most difficult part of this DIY is choosing which flowers to put where!

You’ll need hot glue again for this OR you can edit the design a little bit and put in foam pieces to stick the flowers into. I’ve seen either as an option and both work really well! Regardless of which you choose, this decor piece is sure to please.

Are you going to be DIYing this summer?

Don’t forget to tag @CollegeFashion on Instagram if you decide to do any of these cute DIY’s (and obviously be sure to tag the original creator of the DIY too)! Have any other cute ideas? Leave a comment below for other ladies to try! 

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