Check-in Day 2: Make Meditation My Daily Habit

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Progress check-in

Let’s have a quick check-in to make sure that you’re on track!

  • You meditated for 5 minutes yesterday.

Well done! Next, I want to suggest you tie up meditation with one thing that you do every day.

Meditate every time you finish doing one thing

Try to meditate at the same time each day – whether it’s 15 minutes first thing in the morning, or five minutes on your lunch hour. Whatever time you choose, try to make meditation an unshakable part of your daily routine.

When you have tied up the idea of doing that thing with meditation, you’ll always remember to meditate. That one thing will always be your trigger point to meditate.

For example, you can meditate every time before you have a meeting or discussion; or every time after brushing your teeth in the morning.

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