Class to Night Out: Pajama Top

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You did not just roll out of bed…or did you?

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The pajama dressing trend has officially made its way from the runways to our daily lives. It has us wondering – why was this not a thing sooner? Indeed, a silk pajama-style blouse gives off a surprisingly professional vibe that can transform any outfit. 

Granted, the outfit options here may seem limited – but once you give it a shot, I think the pajama top will impress you with its versatility. 

Pajama Top Trend: Class

Rolling out of bed and rushing to a morning class is an unfortunate reality for many. (Jealous of those of you with afternoon-only classes!) Luckily, the pajama blouse was practically made for such scenarios. As the name states, the pajama top can easily bring you from hitting snooze to taking notes in a blink of an eye. 

Since the pajama top trend ironically makes an outfit feel more professional, you may want to dress it down for a typical class day. A neutral cardigan helps to lower the professional vibe while still allowing the silk top to stand out. Booties are of course an essential for any fall day and don’t forget a classic tote and watch to embrace your inner academic. 

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Pajama Top Trend: Night Out

Lets face it, college is exhausting. Everywhere you turn there is more work to be done and deadlines have a way of creeping up at any given moment. When going out you may want to forget about all the due dates and test scores but why not take that working girl hustle with you? A professional outfit does not have to be boring, after all!

Lighten up the polished pajama top and long-line blazer with a unique pair of velvet leggings that are both seasonally appropriate and fun. It is a night out which calls for tall heels and cool accessories. The more the merrier!

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Are you liking the pajama top trend? Would you take the pajama top from class to night? Let me know!

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