Creative Ways to Wear 3 Trendy Pieces

You may think these items are one-trick ponies. Here’s how you can remix them in countless ways.

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The word “trendy” sometimes comes with a negative connotation which I, personally, do not think it deserves. First of all, we live in a day and age where trends can last for years (animal prints) or, like a “Gossip Girl” plot line, fade and resurface a couple seasons later (maxi dresses). So that means buying a great “trendy” piece is not necessarily a bad investment.  

Here, I’ve selected trendy items that you may think can only be styled in the same few ways. Really, though, these three pieces deserve to be regarded as closet superstars. I’ll describe the “expected” way to rock these items (which is still super cute) plus more creative tips. Read on for endless styling ideas.

1. Shirtdress

Shirtdress from Nordstrom, $68.

The shirtdress is everywhere right now, but probably shouldn’t be considered a “trend” since it is so classic and appropriate for almost any occasion. Still, you may think there are only a couple ways to wear it. Wrong.

The expected way: Buttoned up most of the way, cinched at the waist, paired with heels or flats.

More ideas:

  • Unbuttoned a bit at the bottom to create a sexy slit, paired with summer sandals or strappy heels (or sneakers a la Malia Obama).
  • Unbuttoned all or most of the way and cinched at the waist over another outfit, as if it was a trench coat or long vest.
  • Unbuttoned from the hips down, paired with slim pants or jeans, like the world’s coolest high-low top.
  • Under a fitted crewneck sweater for a preppy-chic look.

2. Open-knit sweater

Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater, $71.

I still have a couple of these babies from when they were crazy popular five years ago. But you can almost always find a light sweater like this in stores, and I love them because I’m always hot, so an open-knit is way better than a typical pullover. They can be worn in different kinds of weather, and are versatile in other ways, too.

The expected way: Worn over a neutral tank, paired with jeans and boots or sneakers.

More ideas:

  • Over your bikini as a super-cozy cover-up.
  • With a fun, brightly colored tank underneath.
  • Over a simple dress, belted.
  • Over a button-down shirt.
  • Layered under a pleather jacket or vest.
  • With loose, printed pants for a boho-chic vibe.
  • With shorts on transitional weather days.
  • Under overalls for a cool mix of textures.

3. Slip dress

Urban Outfitters slip dress, $59.99.

Finally, the slip dress, Spring 2016’s biggest trend. I’m obsessed. (I just snagged this incredible Topshop one!) I love the fact that it looks like lingerie, and that is exactly what makes it so versatile. It is literally made for layering.

The expected way: Under a denim or pleather jacket, with heels, sandals, or ankle boots and minimal jewelry.

More ideas:

  • On its own with sleek pumps for a hot night out look.
  • With sneakers (flat or wedge).
  • Under a long, thick-knit cardi.
  • Layered up for fall with a great jacket and tall boots.
  • Over the perfect-fitting white tee.
  • As an actual slip, under a sheer dress, or poking out as a contrasting hem under a shorter dress.
  • As a top, with a longer skirt over it.
  • As a skirt, with a sweater or belted top over it.
  • With layered necklaces or a major statement necklace.
  • With matching cuffs on either wrist (so sexy).

What do you think?

Can you think of more cool ways to style these items? How do you remix trendy pieces in your wardrobe?  Did you find these ideas helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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