Day 2 Check-in: Mindful Eating Habits

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mindful eating checkin

Let’s have a quick check again:

  • You’re now drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day – with your bottle or big cup on your desk or a visible place to you!)
  • You eat at least one fruit or vegetable riches in vitamin C every day – and the fruit is ready in the pantry or on your desk!)
  • You’re drinking herbal tea instead of coffee.
  • You eat slowly.
  • You ate at least 2 hours before going to sleep last night – setting an alarm worked!

Well done! Next, I want to suggest you a great tip to motivate you to always stick to the list of habits.

When you feel like giving up, try this:

Ask Yourself Why for At Least 5 Times

This is to help you figure out the cause of wanting to give up. When you find out the cause, tackle that root cause and you’ll not get demotivated again.

Below is an example of the drilling process:

  • Why can’t I wake up early?
    • Because I’m tired.
  • Why am I tired?
    • Because I didn’t have enough sleep.
  • Why didn’t I have enough sleep?
    • Because I slept late.
  • Why did I sleep late?
    • Because I had too many things to do.
  • Why did I have so many things to do?
    • Because I can’t finish them.
  • Why can’t I finish them?
    • Because I schedule more tasks than I can accomplish for the day.

Action: More accurately estimate how long each task will take and schedule with the optimise number of tasks accordingly.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s check-in!

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