DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Wrap Skirt

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It’s a wrap!

From dresses and cardigans to tops and skirts, clothes with a wrap design have been a big thing this summer. What I love about this style is that you can feel cool and breezy while covering up from the sun at the same time.

For this DIY tutorial, I’ll show you, step by step, how to make your very own wrap skirt. You can make it with a flowy fabric for a more boho style, or in a thicker denim, like I did, for a skirt that you can wear from summer right into autumn and winter.

Make your own easy wrap skirt in under an hour using this tutorial!

Things you will need:

  • 1-2 yards fabric (get 2 yards if you want to make a maxi skirt)
  • Sewing machine
  • Approximately 10 inches of elastic
  • 1 Snap button
  • 1 Clasp

How to Make It

Pattern model for the wrap skirt.

Step 1. For the back, cut a rectangle. It should be [half of your waist measurement + about 5 inches] by however long you want the skirt to be. Be sure to also add some extra length for seam allowance and hems.

*Mine was 17×25 inches, and I added an inch to the width and 4 inches to the length for seam allowance.

Step 2. For the top, make two identical rectangles that are half of your waist measurement by the same length as the back piece, plus seam allowance.

*My measurements were 12×25 inches, and again I added an inch to the sides and 4 inches to the length.

Step 3. Cut out a length of elastic that is [half of your waist measurement – 3 inches]. Mine was 9 inches long.

Side seam with waistband and hem sewn.

Step 3. Sew up all the side seams, then hem the front edges.

Step 4. Fold over the top by 1½ inches and sew; this will be your waistband

Step 5. Hem the skirt. I prefer a wide hem so the skirt doesn’t fly up when it’s windy!

Elastic is sewn in only on the back.

Step 6. Thread your elastic through the waistband, ensuring it only gathers in the back piece. I found it useful to use a pin to hold down one end of the elastic while I was doing this. 

Sew on a clasp to close off the skirt.

Step 7. Attach a snap or button where the skirt meets on the inside. Add a clasp to the front to finish off the skirt!

*Optional*: Add a pocket by sewing a rectangle of fabric over the side seam, as shown below.

Adding a pocket to the skirt.

I love how quickly this skirt can be made–it can easily be knocked out in an hour. For an easy summer outfit, I suggest pairing this skirt with your favorite graphic tee. Want more styling ideas? Check out this article from fellow CF writer Sienna.

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