Dressing for Summer School 101: Our Favorite Summer College Outfits

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Summer school never looked so good!

The Spring semester is over and it feels like Summer has FINALLY arrived! But wait… you just remembered you have summer school and you might be feeling like it’s going to ruin the next 3 months leading up to the Fall semester. 

Although past movies and shows have ingrained in us the idea that summer school is punishment for not passing classes or needing to catch up on or get an advancement on credits, the truth is that taking classes during the summer can actually be incredibly satisfying and rewarding. 

Let’s quickly go over the benefits of summer school: 

  • You only have to focus on one or two classes at a time.
  • Summer courses are about a third of the length of Fall and Spring courses.
  • The University pool is open and Summer sports are in full swing
  • School during the Summer keeps your mind active and prepared for the Fall! 

Now that I’ve got you pumped for your Summer school, let’s talk about what to wear during these hot and humid days.     

During the summer, I used to be torn between looking presentable for class or just throwing on the first tank top and shorts I came across in my closet. It’s easy to feel defeated when it’s hot (especially when your AC is!) and class is now every day as opposed to every other day. Never fear, though — I have summer college outfits down to a science now, and I’ll share my knowledge with you.

When dressing to beat the heat, some general rules to follow are:

  • Chose light and loose garments that will allow airflow to circulate around your body.  
  • Stick with light colors to deflect the sun’s rays
  • Check the materials tag for light, breathable fabrics that will keep you cool (Cotton, Linen, Slik, Rayon, Jersey, and Chambray).
  • Wear structured pieces that keep their shape and won’t cling to your body when you get hot.

By following these simple rules, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion during the hot weeks of summer. Let’s practice putting these rules to use by going through some summer college outfits.  

Billowy Blouses & Boyfriend Jeans

Products: Top – H&M; Tank Top – Zara; Jeans –  Topshop; Heels – Forever 21 

Boyfriend jeans are the ideal denim choice for the summer due to their loose fit. I’ve always found these jeans to be tomboy chic and fun to pair with feminine pieces (see the floral blouse and heels in the outfit above). 

Floral patterns are an absolute staple during the summer. H&M’s pink floral blouse is a lovely addition to any wardrobe. I took a special liking to this piece since it reminds me of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. The silk white tank top with black lace neckline adds an interesting contrast to the bright and cheery floral blouse. (You could also wear the tank with a cardigan instead of the blouse for a different vibe.)

Although heels aren’t always practical for school, these chunky ankle-tie black studded heels fit perfectly with the overall look. You can wear comfy low-tops or sliders during the day and change to heels when going out with friends or classmates during the night.   

Patterned Joggers & Monochrome with a Color Pop

Products: Pants – Loft; Shirt – H&M; Bag – H&M; Shoes – Forever 21; Bangles – H&M; Sunglasses – Target; Necklace – Target

I love wearing patterned joggers or shorts in summer since they allow free range of motion and comfort. It’s kind of like wearing a form of publicly-acceptable pajama pants that people will constantly compliment you on!

Monochrome has also been a popular trend for a long time now, but I find these outfits to be so much more intriguing with a pop of color. The orange sliders are complementary in color and style with the dark blue joggers and light blue eyelet embroidered shirt. 

Keeping with the structure of the look, I added a scalloped light beige tote bag. Another benefit of summer school is fewer books to carry! This tote is large enough to throw in a couple of books and a tablet for note taking. 

*If you love patterned pants, check out the first two outfits in my article College Fashion’s Guide to Celebrating the End of Finals (+ What to Wear While You Celebrate!) 

Casual Dresses & White Tennis Shoes

Products: Dress – Urban Outfitters; Backpack – Tilly’s, Shoes – Nike; Hair Tie – Forever 21; Earrings – River Island   

A dress is legit the laziest thing you can wear and still look amazing! It’s one stylized item that you can throw on in the mornings and look instantly put-together. On top of this, most dresses are extremely comfortable and perfect for wearing in the heat. 

I was drawn to the bright red ruffled dress from Urban Outfitters since it checks off all the marks on the Dress to Beat the Heat rules above. It’s structured, loose, light, airy, and will look effortlessly casual-chic with white converse, statement earrings, and a fun floral backpack. 

Shirt Dresses & Minimalism

Products: Top – H&M; Jeans- Forever 21; Watch – ASOS; Bag – Amazon; Heels –  

I’m not going to lie, I saw a girl wearing a similar outfit to the one above a few days ago and I took a mental note of it so I could recreate it here for you guys. Pairing a striped shirtdress with white skinny jeans looks classy and elegant in a minimalist sort of way.  

Shirtdresses are also going to be on trend this summer. (Yay!) Most shirt dresses like the one above work on their own or with pants, meaning they’re crazy versatile. I tend to choose shirtdresses that cinch in the waist because they give off more of the appearance of a dress rather than just a really long shirt. 

Since this is a minimalist outfit that wouldn’t be out of place in a capsule wardrobe, I chose accessories that were as versatile as the shirtdress. The chunky watch, strappy heels, and clean-cut tote give off a sense of balance and sophistication.  

What Do You Think?

Are you attending summer school this semester? And if you are, what do you plan to wear to class? What’s your go-to summer college outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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