Feeling Nostalgic? Here's Your Summer Reading as Style Inspo

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Hands up if you secretly miss summer reading!

Once I got to my first college summer, something felt…off. There was something I should have been doing and I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. 

Summer reading is not something you plan to miss. You spend all of high school hating it, wondering how your teachers even have the power to assign homework during your summer break. And then, when you stop reading anything more complex than Popsugar articles, you kind of, sort of… start to miss it. 

For everyone feeling nostalgic for the great books that were forced upon us, you can at least integrate some of this nostalgia back into your wardrobe. Here are three outfits inspired by your old summer reading lists:

The Catcher In The Rye

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Is there any summer reading book more classic than The Catcher In The Rye? Whether you loved or hated Holden Caulfield, you probably remember reading this book at some point during high school and very seriously debating whether you were pro or anti Holden.

Holden is the epitome of angsty teenager, hence the Converse Sneakers, shrunken tee, backpack, and distressed denim skirt. The red hat is a nod to the famous red hunting cap. (I’m not even going to pretend to remember what it symbolizes.) Add sunglasses for a stylish finish. 

Jane Eyre

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My personal favorite, Jane Eyre was the passionate romance novel amid a series of books about America. Yes, it’s about more than Mr. Rochester (it’s considered one of the first feminist novels — more on that here), but he was definitely an appreciated addition to the story. There was also the crazy ex-wife, the endless secrets, and the supernatural occurrences, all set on the lonely moor. 

Channel this gothic romance with a floral dress and dark red lip. Add black boots for edge. (Jane was no damsel in distress.) Finally, heavy jewelry adds to the ancient and supernatural feel of the book.

The Great Gatsby

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And then there was Gatsby. I don’t need to say anything about this novel. Everyone’s read it, and if they haven’t, they’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s opulent movie version. This is a classic, a favorite, and an amazing source of fashion inspiration.

The novel touches on a variety of themes, but the most memorable was the excesses of the 20’s. Sparkly party dresses, beaded handbags, and heavy makeup all call to mind the lavish parties of Gatsby manor, thrown in the hopes that Daisy would finally arrive. 

What Do You Think?

What was your favorite summer reading book? Least favorite? Do you miss summer reading? Let us know in the comments below!

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