Full Body Workouts To Make You Strong After Weight Loss

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full body workouts

Controlling weight can be challenging especially when you are keen to maintain a healthy, strong body without getting slim. By getting slim means getting skinny, in other words. A healthy, strong body requires muscles, and that requires some serious workouts. The following selective exercises are full body workouts that will cut down on the excess weight and body fat, trimming your body into your desire result. More importantly, all the workouts are suitable for all sexes.

1. Every beginner’s favorite: Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the basic full body workouts that are introduced to everybody, regardless of their age.  When doing push-ups, the muscles from the chest, triceps and core are used. After completing one push-up, it is believed that a person elevates 60 percent of their body weight. There are many forms of push-ups, labelling on the different stages on a person’s ability. Below is based for a beginner.


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  • Position yourself face down on the floor, with both your hands 36 inches apart from the body. Lift your torso up levelling at your arms length.
  • Now push yourself towards the floor, with your chest almost touching it. Inhale while doing this.
  • Lift yourself up back to the normal position. Exhale out while doing this.
  • Take small intervals during each push-up, and continue as long as you can do.

2. Lunges for the muscles

Another old-school exercise, lunges work on the quadriceps, on the gluteus muscles, and the hamstrings. Lunges will help in shaping, strengthening and building various muscle groups altogether. A simple method of lunge is easily achievable for any beginner, however, if one wants a challenge, they can try with dumbbells or kettlebells held in each hand. The image below shows different types of lunges:


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3. Squats: Another easy full body workouts

Here is another basic exercise that will help to shape the gluteus muscles, hamstrings and the hips. Beginners can only focus on the lower parts of the body till they are used to the exercise. If one wants to focus on the upper part of the body, they can try using weights while doing squats. The picture will provide an elaborate plans on how to achieve squats for a beginner.


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4. Flatten out with a stability ball

Besides dumbbell, a stability ball is a must for a full body workout. There are different forms of exercises that one can do with a stability ball. This following exercise shows you how to work on your muscles, flatten the stomach, and stabilize the spine.


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  • Place a mat on the floor and kneel on it facing the stability ball.
  • Grasp both your hands and put the forearms on top of the ball.
  • At a slow pace, keeping your back straight, lean forward and roll out the ball in front of you. Make sure your forearms stretch as far as possible.
  • Slowly pull back to the original position. Repeat.

5. Straight arm pullover with dumbbell

Advantage of this workout is that it will help build the chest muscle.


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  • Lie flat on a bench, stretch your arms holding the dumbbell with both your hands above your chest. Your feet should be on the floor.
  • Very gradually move your hands behind your head, make sure they are parallel to the floor. Halt for few seconds. Pull back your hands back to the position. Repeat.

6. The supine bridge

Supine bridge is an essential exercise if you want to build your muscles, and stabilize your abdominal wall and the spine.

supine up

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  • Place a mat and lie down on your back. Place your feet flat on the mat and bend your knees. Spread your arms beside you, facing the palm up, in 45 degree angles.
  • Raise your hips up, forming a straight line through your shoulders, hips and knees. Stay in that position for few seconds.
  • Lower your hips and come down slowly. Do this as long as you can.

7. Toe tap crunch

This exercise is perfect for the stomach. The entire stomach muscles are build due to this exercise.

toe tap

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  • On a mat, lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Put both hands behind your head while placing the right foot in front of your left knee.
  • Very carefully, lift your head and shoulders up while bringing your knees to your chest.
  • Slowly lower your head and shoulders first and then lower your left foot.
  • Do the same with your left foot. Take short rest in between the steps.

8. Dumbbell kickbacks for your triceps

Since this exercise is all about the triceps, the lower back of your arms will be benefited only. You can do this exercise in your gym or at home. All you need are a chair (if at home) or your exercise bench (if at the gym).

tricep kickback

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  • Take a dumbbell in your right hand and place your left leg on the chair.
  • Recline forward, supporting your weight on your left leg.
  • Bend the right elbow and move the dumbbell at your side.
  • This is the tricky part: without moving the elbow, straighten your right arm and push it backward.
  • Move your arm back to where your dumbbell was by your side.
  • Switch the dumbbell to your left hand and repeat it with your right leg.

Those who will be trying these exercises for the first time, make sure you take plenty of rests in between your each step. After completing, you may face body aches which are absolutely normal. Drink plenty of water and take warm showers after exercises. If need be give a day break. This uncomfortable is temporary. Once you get used to the exercises, it will be easier on you. One of the benefits of these full body workouts is that your body will be toned down without making you look thin, yet, your body fats will be eliminated.

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