Hautelinks: How to Actually Be Happier, Legally Blonde 3 Deets, Kate Spade's Legacy & More

Here’s what Team CF is reading this week.

We lost one of the greats this week. Kate Spade tragically took her own life, and the fashion world is reeling. Here’s a great tribute piece that lays out her legacy.

The ultimate guide to how to be happier, from The Cut, with tips straight from Yale’s happiness class. Loved this.

Lauren Conrad’s sailboat manicure is basically the cutest thing ever.

Fascinating: Fashionista explores the psychology behind fashion’s obsession with all things sparkly.

According to Racked, J.Crew is set to “relaunch” this fall and I’m excited to see what they have in store.

How Magazines For Women Of Color Are Leading The “Print Renaissance”, via Refinery29.

Wired explores toxic fan culture among Star Wars fans.

Omg, love this idea: Crayola is launching a makeup line!

Also from Allure, the 40 beauty products you need to try in 2018

Legally Blonde 3 is happening!!! I repeat, it’s happening!

For my fellow meal prep-obsessors: Healthy recipes you can meal prep this week, from The Everygirl.

These are the best summer 2018 movies for fashion girls. DYING to see Ocean’s 8.

If you need some new tracks to add to your summer playlist, Hunger.TV has you covered.

Did you know you can REQUEST your favorite movies and shows on Netflix? Lifehacker explains.

As someone who is currently fighting off my second awful cold in a month, I am definitely trying this immunity-boosting combo from Well + Good.

Also from Well + Good, how you act when you’re stressed, according to your MBTI type.

Vogue did a great piece on “recovering Carrie Bradshaw wannabes.” I feel like this is so many women from our generation!

Check out all the updates coming to our iPhones in September (including customizable emojis!).

Racked did something I do every World Cup without fail, ranking all the jerseys from most to least stylish.

The Atlantic asks what we’ve all been wondering: Is advice from Instagram even worth reading? 

Here’s the how the Bachelorettes really get their flawless look, from Popsugar. It costs THAT much?

Refinery29 did a long and fascinating feature on beauty in prisons, from how it works to its importance.

WOW, talk about a #girlboss: Kayla Itsnes’ “sweat” app will rake in $77 million this year!

Dunkin Donuts is launching “coffee thins” and I just don’t know how to feel about it…

Essential quiz: Which “Say Yes to the Dress” consultant are you?

Miss America is making some big changes and it’s about freakin’ time.

Finally, the scientifically proven best way to get over a breakup, from HelloGiggles.

Do you need to break up with your ideal self? Darling Mag recommends giving it a shot.

Man Repeller asked 19 people whether “going on a break” led to a breakup

NYLON Mag did a feature on “feminist country musicians” and it’s great to see more feminism in the genre.

Obsessed with Harry Styles’ new Gucci campaign photos.

Loved this retrospective of Angelina Jolie’s best looks over the years. Forever fierce.

Popsugar has some go-to cooking hacks for summer.

Aaaaah, so cute! This school gave their therapy dog a yearbook pic <3 <3

And finally, professional mountain climber

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