Hautelinks: How to Tell If You're Getting a Good Deal Online, a '90s Trend Quiz, Bloggers to Know, & More

Our favorite links of the week, all in one place.

For a more peaceful mindset, try these 5 ways to practice mindfulness in your daily life.

If you think piercings are the coolest accessories around (you’re not alone), here’s some inspo coming out of one of New York’s trendiest studios.

Fashionista asks a good question: Does fashion activism actually work?

These quick beauty hacks are perfect for when you’re getting ready in a rush.

Felicity Jones will be playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she was the Notorious R.B.G. W has the deets.

This is not a drill: New emojis are coming soon!

I needed this because I’ve been shopping online a lottt lately (curse you Prime!): How to Tell If You’re Actually Getting a Good Deal Online, via Racked.

Nylon has all the details on the new Alexander McQueen documentary. So exciting!

Meghan Markle and Emma Watson were *twinning* at Wimbledon this week.

Hmm, Joss Whedon’s new series sounds great, but the criticisms raised by Refinery29 do make you think.

8 Things People with Great Brows Always Do, via Refinery29.

Christine from Temptalia shares her all time favorite budget-friendly products. Always love her recs!

Man Repeller talks Kylie Jenner and “the myth of the self-made millennial.” What do you think about this? Is Kylie “self made”?

Loving Reebok’s “be more human” campaign, starring many of our celebrity faves.

Oooh, super excited for “Mary Queen of Scots” — the trailer looks great!

The Fashion Law explains that while sexual harassment cases are down, there’s still a long way to go before we can call this solved.

Here’s to being a “sharp” woman. All for it.

I laughed way too hard at this entire thing: People want the Queer Eye guys to make over Post Malone.

Love: Which trend from the ’90s should you wear today? BRB, busting out my platform sneakers.

Refinery29 lists the best beauty products you can find in the Nordstrom Sale (which starts Friday for everyone).

Also from Refinery, some Netflix hidden gems you should be watching.

Relatable for… basically every college student and recent grad these days: I don’t want to keep taking my parents’ money, from The Cut.

Mashable lists some self-improvement journals to try.

Lil Peep’s new clothing line will begin operations soon. Will be interesting!

Marie Claire UK has some under-the-radar fashion bloggers you should be following.

Elle rounded up all the best Fall 2018 fashion campaigns you need to know about.

Ugh, Linda Rodin is goals! 70 has never been so fab.

Hmm, did Queen Elizabeth shade Donald Trump with her outfit? Not sure I buy this but it’s interesting how observant people are.

Oh, to have Bee Shaffer’s life.

Yikes, people were very harsh on Refinery29’s latest Money Diaries post about a 21 year old intern in NYC. Nothing wrong with getting financial help from family if you’re fortunate like that, but the headline was definitely misleading.

The Cut did a long and fascinating piece on Anna Delvey, a woman who was arrested for conning NYC socialites and scamming hotels by pretending to be an heiress. Wild!

And finally… sushi’s proud moment. Aw!

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