Hautelinks: New Fantastic Beasts Trailer, Free Masks at Sephora, Benefits of Working Retail, & More

Here’s what we’re procrastinating with this week.

ICYMI, the new Fantastic Beasts trailer is out (featuring young Dumbledore!!) and we could not be more excited!

Good to know: 10 trendy skincare products that are a waste of money, from Insider.

We all know about Type A and Type B, but apparently there’s a Type D personality.

Fashionista talked to fashion and beauty editors about how working in retail impacted their careers. I had retail jobs before starting CF and although it’s tough work, you really do learn a ton.

3 Labels That Prove Style Has No Size, from the New York Times.

Cosmo lists everything that’s coming to and leaving Netflix this August, including trailers for must-sees.

If you haven’t been making time to read, INC argues that you really need to be doing it, — science says you must!

Okay, this is a super weird cleaning “hack” but I tried it and it totally is motivating. Strange and awkward, but it works.

Faye Dunaway stars in a Gucci ad and we are into it! She looks incredible.

Demi Lovato overdosed this week and thankfully she’s doing OK. Refinery29 has some details on what happened. Just goes to show that addictions are never really “cured,” even with the best possible care, and we should always keep an eye on those affected.

SheFinds shares a concealer trick for acne breakouts.

According to Vanity Fair, Prince Harry has some *opinions* about what Meghan should be wearing to events. Being a royal sounds exhausting.

Taylor Swift wore a snakeskin backpack recently and people think she’s throwing shade at Kim K. I’m going to file this one under… Maybe?

This is not a drill: Sephora is giving out free masks this weekend.

Love: The Tinder Bio of Every Myers-Briggs Type, via Man Repeller.

Sephora is having an event in LA this October and it sounds AMAZING.

Beautyblender has launched a foundation and we can’t wait to test it out.

Interesting: Britney Spears is launching a unisex fragrance called “Prerogative.” I am obsessed with Britney but I haaaate this packaging, I’m sorry!

Get ready for a deep dive: How inclusive are beauty brands across the world?

Cosmo has the ultimate guide to finally figuring out your face shape using measurements instead of guesses. For some reason it’s impossible to view your own face accurately, so this is genius.

17 Petite Fashion Bloggers Who Will Give You Big Style Envy, from Buzzfeed.

If you need some new tracks for your playlists, Refinery29 is here to help.

Also from Refinery, some cute summer outfit suggestions to help you on those hot days.

About time: The US Navy has a new, inclusive hair policy for women.

Google’s new “moving selfie” thing is sure to start popping up on Instagram feeds everywhere.

Apparently a four day work week is actually awesome for productivity. Sounds amazing!

Vogue breaks down everything you need to know about the Resort 2019 season.

The Lily asks, “why is ugly fashion in right now?” This has been going on for so long, so I assume a massive swing in the other direction is imminent.

It was announced this week that Ivanka Trump is shutting down her namesake fashion brand amid controversy.

Do you stick to a schedule when traveling? I love the idea of this but I don’t know if I could really do it.

Total eye candy: These photos of beautiful dresses around the world are simply mesmerizing.

Gorge: Fenty Beauty’s new diamond highlighter is a glitter fan’s dream.

Ooooh, getting excited for fall nail colors!

WTF is “hair water”? Refinery29 explains.

Curly girls, here’s all the hair inspiration you need, via Glamour.

And finally… the best dog photos of the year so far!

One more because OMG: Super duck mom cares for 76 adopted ducklings, with photos!!!

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