Hautelinks: New Glossier Products, Ariana Grande's News, Hello Kitty x Pottery Barn & More

And the rest of the things we’re reading this week.

How to master your post-workout primping, via Lauren Conrad.

Business Insider has a great budget-friendly Father’s Day gift guide with everything under $25.

Omg, yes please: Colourpop is releasing 42 shades of foundation and they’re only $12 each. Can’t wait to see if these are good!

Smashbox has also announced an increased shade range for their 24 hour foundation.

<3 Ava DuVernay Reminds Hollywood To Say “Yes” To Women, via Refinery29.

These are going to be the most popular US travel destinations this summer — will you be going to any of them?

Looove these extremely condensed versions of popular books, via Buzzfeed.

Racked explains the problems with Body Positivity, especially as it’s used in mainstream advertising:

Instead, corporatized, media-friendly body positivity as we now know it puts the onus on people living in marginalized bodies to turn their criticism inward, which is essentially the same thing brands selling clothes or underwear or personal care products have required of us all along.

A Harry Potter themed engagement ring?! You’ll have to see for yourself.

Wow! Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged after a few weeks of dating.

Hilary Duff comments on her Lizzie McGuire-era fashion choices. This was all of us at 15 though.

Also!!! Did Hilary hint at a Lizzie reboot? Please be true..

Man Repeller interviewed celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin on everything from her daily routine to who gives her hair envy.

Wow, glad to have read this: Refinery29 does a deep dive into the human hair extension industry and explains why people are now calling for “free trade hair” regulations.

Really worth considering: Is your tribe helping or hurting your mental health?

Refinery29 has your first look at MAC’s new Aaliyah-inspired collection.

Buzzfeed shows you everything the stars wore to the Tony Awards.

Ooh, controversial opinion but kinda agree: The biggest tragedy of Gilmore Girls was their treatment of Lane Kim. She did deserve better!

Hello Kitty and Pottery Barn are teaming up and the line is surprisingly chic!

Mindy Kaling shared her success secrets during her commencement speech at Dartmouth.

NYLON lists some semi-impractical but super cute bags for summer

Loved this piece from Longreads on how to help a friend who is suffering from depression. It turns out even the simplest things can make a huge difference.

Wow: According to Forbes, fashion subscription boxes are growing like crazy with no signs of slowing down. 

Glossier just released a couple new shades of Cloud Paint and reviewers say they’re the best ones yet for darker skin.

Such good advice: Dear Younger Self: Treasure your female friendships instead of trying to prove you’re “not like other girls”.

Interesting: An introverted radio host explains how she does her job despite her nature. Proof that introverts and extroverts alike can succeed in any field they choose.

8 summer movies with amazing fashion inspo, from Brit + Co.

35 Things to Do for Your Career Before You Turn 35. Bookmarked.

And finally, penguin painting is the best kind of painting.

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