Hautelinks: The Best Coachella Fashion Trends, Khloe's Baby News, Plus More

Here are the links we love, love, loved this week.

Who else is excited for H&M x Moschino?!

Jordan Peele shows you how to spot a fake video. This is a must-watch! We all need to be aware of what’s possible these days and question the things we see online.

Feeling like you’re in a funk? Try these tips from Lauren Conrad.

If you’re counting down the days till the royal wedding (um, same), here’s exactly how you can watch it live.

Congrats to Khloe Kardashian, who gave birth to her baby girl! It’s insane what Khloe has been through these past few weeks with everything in the press — we’re sending her all our best wishes.

Finally: The latest Chrome update can block auto-playing videos. Haaate these.

If you got to go, lucky you. If not, you can live through the celebs. Here’s what celebs wore to Coachella this year, from Glamour.

Plus, here’s a roundup of the best trends we saw at the festival overall.

And here’s why Cara Delevingne boycotted Coachella this year, from Billboard.

Also, if you didn’t see Beyonce’s Coachella performance, you missed out! Bey’s performance was amazing in more ways than one — NYT has an interesting analysis of the deeper themes behind it.

Cardi B’s Coachella performance was awesome, too.

Christian Siriano takes you inside his gorgeous new boutique. Love!

Amazing: Victoria Beckham designed a Spice Girls tee shirt for a good cause.

In other Victoria Beckham news, her minimal beauty routine was the subject of a recent Refinery29 feature.

I can’t be the only one who is ultra-excited for Kanye West’s upcoming book.

For all of you feeling the wanderlust, Well+Good has a guide to traveling solo.

So, so important: the Man Repeller has tips to stop comparing yourself to others.

Also from Man Repeller, 12 people on the advice that changed their lives.

Very cool: Target.com will be stocking a wider range of products for consumers with medium, dark, and deep dark skin tones, increasing the number of foundation shades they will carry by 60.

Oooh, Parisian brand Sezanne will be sold at Nordstrom soon!

History is being made: Saudi Arabia’s first Arab Fashion week just kicked off.

Looving these older *influencers* — why should there be an age limit?

Glamour did a cute gallery of what celebrities wear to the airport, should you need an outfit idea for an upcoming trip.

Darling Mag lists their favorite trench coats for the spring season.

A professional organizer shares the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning out their closets.

Lifehacker shows you how to decode your financial aid letters, because let’s be honest, we all probably need a guide for this.

Weird: Colourpop has mysteriously disappeared from Sephora.

Wait, Meghan Markle can do calligraphy too? Is there anything this girl doesn’t have going for her?

Speaking of Meghan, here are a few times she (gasp!) broke royal fashion protocol.

A first-timer’s guide to getting eyelash extensions, from Domino. I tried them before and LOVED them! If I could afford it I’d have these 365 days a year.

Game-changer: Apparently there’s a robot that can assemble IKEA furniture.

And finally… it’s my bed!

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