Hautelinks: Week of 11/2/17

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All the links we love this week. #hautelinks

Aaaaaah, the cast of ‘The Lion King’ reboot was just announced and I’m shaking at the awesomeness! Just perfect choices all around.

Lana Del Rey just cut her hair. Do you like her shorter look?

Lauren Conrad interviews beauty blogger Angela Lanter. Love this!

Excellent piece: Why pretty much every Instagram beauty trend is faker than you think. “When the bare minimum of what is attainable in beauty becomes morphed so drastically, it has the power to change how we view everything.”

Try this adorable hair braiding tutorial to pair with your fall looks.

Cupcakes & Cashmere explains how to switch to natural makeup, and why it’s worth it.

Domino shares the 10 best Trader Joe’s snacks for college students.

Fashionista has the details on Pat McGrath’s holiday collection, which looks gorgeous in every way.

Also from Fashionista, the fall and recent rise of full coverage foundation. It’s definitely back!

Study up now: How to Survive Family During the Holidays in College, via Fastweb.

OMG, neeeeeeed to make this cinnamon spice sugar scrub.

See also: Crispy chocolate peanut butter bars. Yes, please.

This is the coolest library ever!

Stock up now on these 6 things that always go on sale in November.

25 Shockingly cheap ways to make your room stand out, from Buzzfeed.

From Man Repeller, how to know if you’re settling in a relationship.

Oooh, want all of these dreamy crystal-inspired puzzles. Would be a great chill activity over the winter.

Kate Spade Launched A Minnie Mouse Collection and we want it all!

The rumors are true: You’ll soon be able to buy Kylie Cosmetics at a physical retail store, and it’s one of our faves.

You probably didn’t know that these stores do free tailoring!

30 ASOS Curve Picks That Are So Fall It Hurts. They are really stepping it up this season and it’s awesome.

Corporette shares the best Etsy shops for finding unique gifts.

Women share what they’d tell their 28 year old selves. Relevant for all ages.

Ooooh, Hershey’s is releasing a new flavor and we cannot wait to try it.

These were the most popular wedding dresses the year you were born. Oh, the Princess Diana-inspired looks….

Eeek, these tiny horror stories are super creepy!

This new student loan forgiveness tool makes the process a lot simpler for students.

AHS fans, watch Ellen send Sarah Paulson to a haunted house and totally freak out– too funny.

Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’ actually does have amazing style. Who knew?

How Taylor Swift is Using Fashion to Change Her ‘Reputation’, from Glamour.

Ooooh, we are officially challenging you to this teen movie quiz. How many can you get?

PopSugar has gift ideas for the crazy cat ladies in your life.

For your next study break: 5 documentaries to watch rn.

Loved this fascinating piece from Racked. “I bought the caftans seeking an aesthetic of grace — soft, flowing, dignified — but what I was actually after was Grace itself.”

Um, what? Women are being stalked by drones and why am I not surprised?

6 Things That Help Make a Person Truly Happy, from PopSugar.

And finally… when you’re shy but you also have a crush on someone. <3

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