Hautelinks: Week of 2/15/18

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Plus the rest of our favorite links of the week.

First, we have to talk about what happened in Florida. Teens who survived the shooting are speaking out and their words should resonate with everyone. We have to start making changes in this country.

Michael Ian Black had some profound words on the state of masculinity in this country and what this has to do with the Florida shooting.

5 Wise Ways to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund, from Lauren Conrad.

Yikes: People are burning The Ordinary’s products due to how their parent company CEO is acting on social media. Can’t believe some of the things he’s saying to customers.

Charting the Tee Shirt’s History of Protest, via Refinery 29.

Cupcakes & Cashmere asks why people take pictures at art museums. I do this sometimes when I want to remember a piece. Is this a pet peeve for you too?

Here are all the new emojis we’ll be getting this year.

Ralph Lauren let his models go barefoot and obviously it was awesome.

Darling Magazine explains why you should write your own TED Talk (and how to get started!).

ELLE breaks down the best shoes at NYFW this season.

And here are the beauty trends we’ve been seeing at the shows.

NYT reviews Prabal Gurung’s collection and taps into its political roots.

Evidence that Chloe Kim is the absolute coolest. We just want to hang out with her!

Also from the Times, a look at the rise of the plus size fashion industry, and how smaller niche companies are killing it.

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers to Look Like a Million Bucks. Needed this!

Very cool: These artists made over an Italian rooftop for Fendi.

Logo-ed Fashion is Officially Back, in case you were wondering.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about why sexual harassment protection shouldn’t stop with “prominent people”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Marie Claire has 3 pretty beauty trends to try this spring.

Campus Assault Survivors Are Feeling Left Behind by #MeToo. This is important to talk about.

I don’t know about you, but I would watch the heck out of a Marie Kondo TV series.

OMG, are you ready for the return of this ’90s hair trend? Memories!

The Olympic ski team uniforms are so awesome!

Allure explains the inspiration for and thought process behind the new Christian Siriano and e.l.f collaboration.

Yikes: Lululemon employees report a toxic “boy’s club” culture. Disappointing.

Lucky Charms is retiring one of its marshmallows. TBH, I never even realized what these were?

Very confusing, kinda funny: The Craziest Looks at NYFW, from E!

How cool! This Japanese hostel has rooms inside a bookcase.

Christian Siriano celebrated his 10th anniversary with a show that was all about diversity. <3

A quick look at something we don’t think about too often, A Brief Yet Fascinating History Of the Word ‘Pretty’ from Byrdie.

Needed this, from Refinery29, Where to Buy The Sunglasses You’ve Been Seeing All Over Instagram.

Macy’s is going to become the first department store to sell hijabs. Very cool!

And finally, this is the best way to work out.

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