Hautelinks: Week of 4/20/17

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This week we’ve got details on the Thirteen Reasons Why merch, Rihanna’s crazy Coachella outfit, the Starbucks Unicorn Frap ingredients, and more.

Would you buy 13 Reasons Why merch? I mean, Clay’s face kinda is everything.

Totally making these mini carrot cakes. Yum!

Rihanna’s Coachella look is just… well, see for yourself.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Running a Marathon, for aspiring runners.

OMG: Absolutely love Style By Joules’ post on re-thinking her overconsumption and switching to a capsule wardrobe. Seriously, I’m inspired.

The One Company for All Your Pokemon and Harry Potter Makeup Needs.

5 Tips for a Successful Side Hustle, for all you future girlbosses.

THIS, so much this: Since when is showing your body considered “brave”? Absolutely obsessed with omgkenzieee’s whole account.

ICYMI, the PLL ladies were on Ellen last week!

See also: Lucy Hale plays “two truths and a lie”.

Here’s what’s actually in the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.

SO interesting: Your friends may be better at picking your best photos than you are.

Love Olivia Munn’s relaxed street style look.

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Fancier, from SheFinds.

Also from SheFinds, 6 Beauty Product Waiting Lists You Need to Be On.

49 Cute Outfits to Copy Now, from Glamour.

Also from Glamour, Jessica Chastain explains EXACTLY how she negotiates for equal pay. Love, love, love that she goes into detail!

Fun — pick a four-course lunch and find out which Gossip Girl lady you are.

9 of the Most Awkward Work Situations — and How to Handle Each. Awesome advice!

Try these easy packing hacks on your next trip using household items.

Get excited for the summer’s hottest movies. Which are you dying to see?

Here’s why Hannah from “Girls” would not be able to afford that apartment in real life. Billfold explains her financial situation in detail.

Kendrick Lamar is killing it on Spotify right now, and The Ringer explains the pros and cons of his streaming popularity.

5 of the Best Destinations for Women Traveling Alone. <3

The Everygirl has 15 books to add to your to-read list this season.

A Beautiful Mess also has some fab book recommendations.

Seventeen lists the most epic outfits in PLL history. *~Memories~*

Fashionista takes you inside #RevolveFestival, the exclusive Coachella party every influencer wants to attend.

Popsugar has the best outfits from Coachella weekend one.

Thinking about transferring schools? Read these tips from Darling Mag before you decide.

Hmmm, would you eat at a standalone Ikea restaurant? I gotta say, this doesn’t appeal to me but I also don’t eat meat.

5 tips on how to sell used items for cash, via Popsugar.

Absolutely Stunning Cake Designs. These are mesmerizing.

LOL, dying at this comparison between a Balenciaga tote and the 99 cent blue IKEA bag.

College in America vs College in France – for those studying abroad or dreaming of the expat life.

I Heart Organizing shows you how to make your own cleaning products with all natural ingredients.

A Girl, Obsessed shares 20 ways to save money when you live alone.

Fashionista suggests you get familiar with these Korean streetwear brands.

25 Small Bedrooms with Big Ideas. You don’t need tons of space to make a statement.

Study confirms what we (sorta) already knew: Birth control pills can make you feel bad.

See also: 7 Legit Medical Reasons You Feel Exhausted. Vitamin D was a big one for me!

Soooo hyped for “Life Size 2”!

Weekend project? How to deep clean your place in under 3 hours.

Related: 20 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life.

Here’s how often you should clean everything in your house. Sorry if this embarrasses you a little like it did me…

Design Your Dorm Room & We’ll Tell You Which Friends Character You Are. Love!

Homepolish has some tips for sprucing up studio apartments.

Wit & Delight shares a 30 day experiment in becoming a morning person. It can be done!

Would you try The Beauty Department’s bent mascara wand trick? I’m tempted but I’m worried it won’t bend back.

25 Famous Women on Fear. Especially relevant for those graduating soon.

And finally… this little girl’s whole squad came to her soccer game. Too cute!

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