Hautelinks: Week of 7/20/17

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This week’s roundup includes the new Harry Potter books, Beyonce’s adorable twins, tiny changes to improve your life, and more.

Say Goodbye To The Scent Of Fierce In Abercrombie & Fitch Stores. I won’t miss this one.

Beyonce debuted her twins on Instagram this week and their names are too cute!

American Eagle is now selling denim hijabs.

5 Non-Obvious Things You Can Do to Make Your Resume’ Stand Out.

Refinery29 asks: Has Kim Kardashian Found The Perfect Replacement For American Apparel?

Kate Middleton admits she’s not perfect, says “It’s just the makeup.” We don’t believe her but it’s still cute.

Vogue did a feature on Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous wedding gown, inspired by Grace Kelly. There’s also tons of photos of the event itself.

Moschino is collaborating with Sephora and we couldn’t be more psyched.

The first trailer for Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle In Time is out.

OMGGG, in case you missed it, Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars hotel. Whatever this costs, I’ll sell my possessions to go.

From Racked, “I’m scared of washing my face because what if there’s something behind me?” This!

Racked also argues that Betty Cooper’s real style is much edgier than what we see on Riverdale.

Two new “Harry Potter” themed books are coming soon!

25 Tiny Changes That Will Make You Feel Really Good About Life.

The new “Aladdin” live-action movie has just cast its Aladdin and Jasmine!

Man Repeller charts the history of drastic celebrity hair changes.

Ask Polly: It Seems My Friends Don’t Like Me. Love, love, love the advice she gives here.

Also from The Cut, why sitting at your computer all day can wipe you out.

Oooh, we are here for this interesting take on GoT’s Sansa’s hairstyles this season — and what it could mean about her character.

Vogue shares summer fashion trends that were predicted by “Clueless”.

Also Clueless-related, some closet planning apps that will remind you of Cher’s amazing closet. (I use Stylebook and love it!)

SO AWESOME: Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station.

Wow, how cool: Artist turns stretch marks into colorful works of art <3

The 6 Most Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe, from the Everygirl.

USA Today did a retrospective on the fashion from Mad Men and now we miss that show more than ever.

So hyped over the Hey Arnold movie trailer.

Experts explain how to successfully buy vintage clothing online.

Harry Styles defended his fans to a reporter and now we love him more.

Why Kanye West is Fascinated with this 5’1″ Model. Love seeing women of all heights on the runways.

How to Find Your Signature Nail Polish, from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Woah: Milan has banned selfie sticks and food trucks.

Behold: The bagel donut. Yes, please.

5 Ways Barbie Has Stepped Up to Empower Young Girls. They’ve definitely made some good changes lately.

This is incredibly disturbing if true: Buzzfeed alleges “R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A ‘Cult,'”

Bustle explains how to protect your shoes from weather and wear.

10 Female Artists Who Are Changing the Music Game — remember these names now and brag later.

The Ringer reviews Tyler, The Creator’s latest release.

Real Simple shares the best eyeliner for your eye color.

Besame is doing a Snow White collection and we want it all.

OMG: Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing the new “Little Mermaid” score.

Ooh, I want to try this weird eyeliner brush Racked is raving about.

Why These Women Are Bringing Brown Girls to Television. Excited for this series!

Also from Sweet, the super scandalous story of your favorite bands. I NEED to read this book, omg.

I Cut 5 Unnecessary Spending Habits for 30 Days and This is What Happened.

26 Top-Rated Beauty Products Amazon Shoppers Swear By. *adds to cart*

16 “Compliments” You Should Stop Giving to Single Women. Yaaaaass.

Wait, we’re actually coveting these pasta necklaces.

And finally, pool time!

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