Hautelinks: Week of 8/3/17

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This week’s links include how to attend Vogue’s first conference, free Sbux Macchiatos this week, the top lipsticks on Pinterest and more!

Lemony Snicket talks about how to decrease the reading gap between girls and boys.

Lauren Conrad wrote a guide to protein powders for fit girls.

Love these hilarious–and NSFW–cards to celebrate the single ladies in your life.

If you happen to have $3,000 just laying around, you can attend Vogue’s first conference.

Serena Williams wrote an essay about how black women can address the gender pay gap and it’s worth reading for everyone.

Absolutely loved this long piece on the magazine dream job fantasy.

12 Women Share What Their Lives Were Like at 25. Puts things in perspective.

ELLE rounds up Bella Hadid’s best looks over the years.

The “Mean Girls” musical has announced its cast. What do you think?

How many of these ’00s trends did you wear? I don’t even want to say how many I rocked.

Man Repeller explains how social media can affect friendships in weird ways.

Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen wore the same dress to an event, and the reasoning behind it is great.

Yum: Starbucks is giving away free Macchiatos this week!

Here’s what’s new on Netflix this month, from Popsugar.

In case you needed any more incentive to be a kid again, you can now totally customize your own American Girl doll. Is it weird that we want our own?

How Female Friendship is Different at 16, 21, and 26. <3

5 Ways to Watch the Solar Eclipse Without Going Anywhere. Yay!

Rihanna’s beauty line has a launch date!

For those with weddings to attend soon: Secret Sneaky Ways To Save Money As A Wedding Guest

Insecure‘s costume designer helps you design a “revenge wardrobe”.

Lush launched a fidget spinner bath bar and now we’re officially over fidget spinners.

Aw, I love this mom’s over-the-top request for her daughter’s whereabouts. It’s actually cute!

These are the best college town foods in every state. Did any of your faves make the list?

What I Didn’t Know About Grad School, from Darling Mag. Some good advice here.

The Glitter Guide has some super cute outfit ideas to try.

Teen Vogue lists all the rumors about the iPhone 8.

Do you use Read Receipts on your phone? Man Repeller shares compelling arguments in favor of — and against — the practice.

A+ to the costume designer for Atomic Blonde.

The Everygirl shares the best drugstore eyeshadows under $12.

Ooh, we want to try all of these Pinterest-trending lipsticks.

And speaking of lipstick, Balmain’s L’Oreal shade looks amazing!

3 Tips for Buying Vintage Clothes.

Seventeen shares some deets on “The Princess Diaries 3”.

How to (Quickly) Become Happier in 10 Aspects of Your Life, from Because I’m Addicted.

Cute: 8 Tips for the Perfect Sunset Instagram.

20 Times Celebrities Wore Clothes You Could Actually Afford. Okay, it’s clothes under $250 so not cheap – but it’s still something.

Hobby-horsing is the cutest new sport.

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