Hautelinks: Why You Need SPF 100 Sunscreen, Non-Standard Date Ideas, & More

All the links you need to procrastinate for at least 15 minutes.

Cute: Grab one of these adorable and free tech wallpapers perfect for summer.

The Cut explains why you should actually be buying SPF 100 sunscreen

5 Online Workouts for Every Kind of Mood, from ELLE.

Refinery29 finally addresses a question I think everyone has wondered about: Can you actually shrink your pores?

Influencer Lucy Williams talked to Harper’s Bazaar about navigating the pressure of Instagram

Need date ideas that aren’t the standard date-and-a-movie? Here are some fun ideas.

Meet Sam Skinner, a self-taught artist who can draw herself in 50 different cartoon styles! How cool.

Is there anything better than a crisp white top in summer?

Wow: The Roseanne reboot was canceled after its star posted racist tweets. Props to ABC for doing the right thing.

Also, the makers of Ambien responded to Roseanne’s claim that taking Ambien made her tweet those things and…. LOL.

Too good to be true? Here’s the rundown on the new Costco açai bowls.

After sparking dating rumors at the Met Gala, Hailey Baldwin talks Shawn Mendes, via ELLE.

For those of us who don’t/can’t buy designer makeup, StyleCaster has makeup tutorials that ONLY use drugstore products.

Ooooh: Dior debuted their new makeup line, Dior Backstage, at their latest fashion show in France. It’s much cheaper than their main cosmetics line, so we’re excited!!

And speaking of cheap, here are some cheap makeup products that are better than high-end versions.

I think everyone needs this: How to actually start the task you’ve been avoiding, via Harvard Business Review.

Great piece from Refinery29: I’ve written about cultural appropriation for 10 years. Here’s what I got wrong. If you’re interested in fashion, it’s crucial that you understand this issue.

Sad: Carven has filed for bankruptcy and is looking for a buyer.

Racked did a deep dive into what’s behind cosmetics prices, explaining why a lipstick only costs $2.50 to make but costs you $20.

The Zoe Report lists the best spring and summer dresses from your favorite fast fashion brands.

Yum: These tropical treats will make you feel like you’re on an island vacay.

Speaking of yum, A Beautiful Mess lists the best brownie recipes on the internet.

OMG: Cardi B’s confused tweet about Childish Gambino is too funny.

Cheesy but adorbs: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made it official with a Harry Potter-themed Instagram post.

Cool: This app tells you exactly when to water your plants, via Lifehacker.

How to Deal with Toxic Friends, via Zanita.

Oooh, this is a good test for fans of all things geek: Can you name 25 Marvel characters? 

Alert: Apparently there’s been a birth control recall, so if you got samples from a doctor, be sure to check that they’re not among those listed!

Wow. This Business Insider piece puts the cost of student loans, especially for doctors and lawyers, into perspective

I don’t know how they did it, but this tropical vacation planning quiz correctly guessed my height. Wizardry, I tell you!

FiveThirtyEight explains why Kevin Durant’s shoes keep falling off. The answer is simpler than I expected.

And finally… eating lunch outside is pretty awesome, especially when you’ve got this guy as company.

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