How to Incorporate Winter's Warmest Fabrics Into Your Decor

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Fabric isn’t just important when shopping for clothes!

The holidays are almost here, and that makes me very excited. Cue hot chocolate in hand-painted mugs with great friends (but no snow, because I live in Texas). 

One of my favorite parts of winter is how along with our wardrobes shifting, the decor everywhere phases into the rich colors and plushness of the holiday season. Coffee shops start rotating their artwork, the office I work at has already begun wrapping red and white ribbons around the structural pillars, and wreaths seem to pop up everywhere! It really gets me in the mood to go home and curl up under a fuzzy blanket with fuzzy socks and watch a, well, fuzzy-feeling movie. 

If you’re like me and want to bring the winter season home with you, try incorporating wintery some fabrics into your decor and embrace the coziness.


Body Pillow – Urban Outfitters

Oh how I wish I could find a great (faux) shearling jacket! It’s just so fluffy and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I’ll settle for some shearling in my apartment, especially a big fluffy pillow like this one. Another idea is a shearling rug – so cozy!

Faux Fur

Accent Rug – Macy’s

I stick exclusively to faux fur, but it’s just as well since I tend to spill things and a real fur rug would quickly become a poor investment. This Macy’s rug, however, is on sale for less than $20, making it a great piece to bring out during the holidays. The color and texture are as close as I’ll get to snow.


Pillow – Pottery Barn

Who doesn’t love velvet in the winter? I adore velvet dresses, velvet leggings, and especially velvet in an apartment. Most of the velvet I can find is exclusive to pillows and curtains, so if any of you see a nice velvet duvet cover, let me know.


Sheet Set – Eddie Bauer

Flannel is pretty much a year-round fabric nowadays, but I still consider it traditionally wintery. This sheet set is 100% cotton so it’s ultra soft, and it makes me want to just lay in bed with a glass of wine listening to Christmas carols. Happy holidays, indeed!


Cozy Throw – West Elm

My office is right next to a West Elm (actually, it’s on top of it, if I’m giving full disclosure), so whenever I go to work I have to look at their cute window displays. I try to avert my eyes so I won’t be tempted to buy anything, but usually I peek anyways. For the past few weeks they’ve had a “throw bar” with the coziest looking blankets. That’s what inspired this post, actually, so here’s the wool throw that started it all.

How do you make your place cozy?

Do you know of any great winter fabrics that aren’t on this list? Feel free to share your ideas!

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