Ilvermorny Inspiration: Pukwudgie House

Take style inspiration from this caring, fiercely loyal Ilvermorny house.

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Is there any disappointment quite so great as feeling like you were sorted into the wrong house? I thought my fear of this was over after I was sorted very definitely into Ravenclaw, but the introduction of the Ilvermorny house quiz started it up all over again- and five quiz attempts later, I’ve had to come to terms with being a Pukwudgie and not a Horned Serpent. 

Clearly, my emotion outweighs my intellect. However, after getting over the initial denial, I’ve come to realize that the Pukwudgie house is actually kind of awesome. 

This week I’ll be covering ways that you can get style inspiration from this caring, fiercely loyal house, continuing my series of Fashion Inspired by the Ilvermorny houses. (See my previous posts on Thunderbird house fashion and fashion inspired by the Ilvermorny school colors.)

About Pukwudgie House

The Pukwudgie house is not, as is assumed by some, the “Hufflepuff of Ilvermorny,” just because both of them seem to have a tendency towards sentiment and loyalty. 

The Pukwudgie house represents the heart, and favors healers, but don’t mistake this for weakness. The Pukwudgie itself is a creature characterized by independence and a distaste for people, (and if that ain’t just about every twenty-something I know, then I don’t know what is), and the compassion of its house members translates into fierce loyalty towards the people they care about.

To represent the Pukwudgie vibe in a sartorial way, try pairing softer pieces (floral motifs, pastels, and lace) with edgier ones (such as combat boots, moto jackets, and metallic details). 

“Represents the Heart”

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If Ilvermorny as a whole represents the human body, the Pukwudgie house is meant to represent the heart, housing students who are driven based on how they feel. Because of this, I see Pukwudgie as the house most likely to appreciate a nostalgic, slightly vintage style. (Or maybe that’s just my own preferences shining through? Oh well.) 

To get this aesthetic, pair a black and white polka-dot blouse with a bright yellow A-line skirt. These black ballet-inspired flats and pastel watch will add a delicate, feminine touch.

William the Pukwudgie, whom the house was named for, was a fierce creature who sported poisoned arrows but was also loyal enough to lay mayflowers on the grave of Isolt Sayre. Allude to this with a gold flower headband. Finally, because this is school-inspired, make sure to switch out your typical school notebooks for some with a beautiful floral pattern to please your inner Pukwudgie.

“Fiercely Independent”

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One of the most prominent qualities of the Pukwudgie house’s namesake is its unmatched strength and independence. Show off these qualities with a tough-but-cute outfit that will ensure nobody underestimates you: Start with a black velvet Peter Pan-collared dress layered over slinky stockings with a subtle polka-dot and bow pattern. These red flats add that pop of color a monochromatic outfit needs, and these heart-shaped sunglasses are the perfect blend of sweet and edgy. 

Even though the Pukwudgie prides itself on being independent, the students of its house are fiercely loyal to the people they care about, so I love the idea of this “love definition” necklace. 

“Favors Healers”

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Pukwudgie house, as I mentioned, has a tendency to favor healers, both in the literal sense and in the sense of a general desire to help others in need. For an outfit based on the concept of “healer”, try this natural cream shift dress and some chestnut flats that are both fashionable and functional. 

The color blue is often associated with calm and relaxation, so accessorize with pale blue and gold earrings. This quirky necklace alludes to the heart – it depicts a heartbeat as well as an actual heart shape. 

Finally, add that necessary pop of red with a swipe of lipstick (the one pictured above is my absolute favorite go-to, and is super cheap!), and pin on this adorable brooch depicting a couple that definitely embody the Pukwudgie mantra of love. 

What do you think?

And there you have it! What do you think of my pairing of the Pukwudgie house with chic, retro styles? Which Ilvermorny house should I cover next? 

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