Less Eating Out Challenge Day 3: Stretch Tight Muscles To Relieve Fatigue

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Day 3 challenge is to stretch tight muscles to relieve fatigue.

How to do it?

  • Start watching the following video from 1:11.
  • Among all, there’re 3 exercises I specifically recommend you:

1. Upper strap stretch (starting from 1:11)

  • Bring your right ear to your right shoulder.
  • Bring your hand to the opposite side and gently pull your head to the right.
  • Repeat for the left shoulder.

2. Shoulder blade pinch (starting from 3:35)

  • Squeeze your shoulder back until you feel your shoulder blades meet.

3. Stretch of the lower leg (starting from 7:20)

  • Put hands on the desk.
  • Bring one of the legs behind you.
  • Keep it straight and your heel down on the ground.
  • Gently shift your way forward.
  • Feel the stretch and hold 30 seconds.

Why it matters?

  • Fatigue at work makes you more tempted by an indulgence of food.
  • Stretching muscles helps you relax and prevents you from grabbing junk food.


  • Thinking about what to have for lunch? Let’s take a look at what you’ve prepared!

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