Looks on Campus: Elena – University of Vienna

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Elena has a case of the blues. The navy blues, that is.

This future law graduate shows us how to rule campus in a professional outfit.

Elena will have no trouble transitioning her wardrobe from school to a law firm or boardroom. Her polished navy look is the epitome of classic style, a lesson in which we could all use a refresher course.

Elena 101

Name: Elena

Major: Law

Year: Final year (She adds: “almost done!”)

School: University of Vienna

Age: 22

Let’s Talk Fashion

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? “Basically, I walk into a shop and buy what I like. But in doing so, I’m more of the classic type. I really like sticking to classic pieces.”

Do you have any fashion advice for other students looking to improve their style? “Generally, I think everyone should be on the right path via intuition. For example, what colors you like and so on. And if you love what you wear, it’ll show. People will see how comfortable and confident you feel. I think your radiance and your confidence is a really important thing. What I also like to do is this: if I see someone wearing something I instantly think looks nice, I look for that piece, try it on, and see whether it looks good on me. So that’s the [best] tip I could give you today!”

If you could raid anybody’s closet, who’s would it be? “I’d really love to go through Blake Lively’s!”

Why did you choose this particular outfit today? “I chose this outfit because I was heading to [university] and wanted to wear something comfortable— that’s why I opted for jeans. As for the blazer, that’s just something I like to wear on the usual. I think those pieces make for a pretty nice combination.”

Where do you like to shop? “I mainly get my clothes [from] Zara and Mango. Most [of the] pieces I have on right now are from those shops, in fact!”

Elements of Elena’s Outfit

1. Carryall Bag

Here’s the thing about Elena: she pays attention to details. This bag’s gold embellishments match her gold jewelry.

Also note how the shape and size of the navy blue bag is ideal for a busy law student. Due to its structured silhouette, this business-esque handbag won’t lose its classic shape… no matter how many books you need to bring to class!

2. Nautical Necklace 

The necklace Elena paired with her OOTD is a stunning statement piece. Her blazer’s navy blue color has a nautical feel to it, which makes this necklace a fitting choice—it looks like a gold sailor’s rope!

3. Ballerina Flats

University often means hours of running from class to class or giving presentations, which requires long stretches of standing. Therefore, Elena’s shoe choice of the day had to be a pair of trusty flats. Right down to her toes, Elena has a chic sense of style.

Are you inspired by Elena? 

Do you love her ballet flats? Are you a professional dresser on campus, too? If so, let us know below!

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