Microblading 101: Everything a College Girl Needs to Know

The power to transform the basic brow.

Eyebrow trends are growing with each season (I mean hello, accessorized arches and lighting bolt brows?!), but it’s essential to start with the basics: an actual set of eyebrows.

For some, this luxury isn’t always the easiest tool to work with. Blondes especially are born with very fair, if not invisible brow hairs, and for the latest trends of big, bold, and beautiful (think, Cara Delevingne), eyebrows can make or break your ultimate glam look. Although more and more makeup brands have developed products to help, a little bit of water, sweat, or a long day at work can make a sad looking set of brows.

Big, full brows is the ideal trend.

However, thanks to advances in the cosmetic world, you can now get an eyebrow tattoo – a semi-permanent fix to all of your eyebrow struggles. Do I have your attention yet?

Microblading: What it Is and How It Works

Microblading is a natural-looking technique of injecting pigment into the skin of under the eyebrow to create thickness and depth. This practice helps shape, sculpt, and fill in the shape of the brow, saving your time and energy every morning. 

The needles are extremely small (to create a real looking brow hair), and don’t reach into the under layers of the skin like a regular tattoo, which is both good and bad.

Because the needles don’t fully penetrate the skin, the ink needs to be touched up every 1-3 years depending on factors such as skin type, activity level, or sun exposure. It’s crucial to protect the new precious brows after the procedure, because the amount of healing time takes anywhere from 1 week to 2 months.

What to Know Before You Get Microblading Done

Before the procedure, do your research. Find out who offers which services in your area, and ask for several reviews or even previous clients who would be willing to speak with you about their experience. Once you find the perfect fit, take the time to get to know the person doing your procedure. It’s important to be comfortable with them, and be on the same page about the end result you are seeking from microblading. Whether it be higher arches, a feathered effect, or a completely new set of brows, communicate your wishes and work together for a personalized plan. 

The cosmetician will have a direct care routine to follow, including some form of healing balm/cleaner. Taking precautions for a few weeks is necessary as well, such as avoiding the sun, not directly washing the brow area, and avoiding swimming or other chemical exposure to the sensitive area. (So plan ahead before you get the procedure done!)

Worried about the pain? 

One of the biggest questions you might be asking is: Does microblading eyebrows hurt? And the answer is yes, but it’s generally not incredibly painful.

A numbing cream is thoroughly applied to the area to ease the sensation of the needles. Irritation or itching after the session is normal, and can be expected throughout the day of the procedure. 

Pain is in the mind of the beholder, and if you have a lower pain tolerance, it’s important to tell the cosmetician so he/she is prepared for the anxiety or nerves that you might bring to the table. 

Don’t worry though, everyone I know who’ve received microblading has reported that the anticipation for the first ink injection was comparable to a hot bee-sting, or a slight paper cut. Overall, no one said it was incredibly painful. If it comes down to fear that’s holding you back, remember your reasons for getting the procedure done in the first place.

Spending too much time filling in brows? Microblading is the answer!

Worried about the price? 

You get what you pay for, and microblading is an expensive operation if done with a legitimate studio/cosmetician. Microblading can cost anywhere from $300-$1,500, and a touch up session is necessary after the initial routine. However, if you’re considering getting your eyebrows microbladed and can afford it, don’t worry too much about the price or the pain –  the time, energy, and money saved from avoiding eyebrow pencils, gels, and brushes is worth it.

Again, it’s important to know everything about the cosmetician and their services beforehand. What kind of studio do they run? What background do they have in the business? How long have they been microblading? All of these will factor into the price of the operation.

I’ve had a few friends who share my fair eyebrow troubles turn to microblading for the solution, and have heard nothing but positive feedback – in the long run, that is. Immediately after the procedure, the brows can be itchy, dry, and uncomfortable – as well as red and blotchy. This is very normal, and should be expected! The area around your brows went through a rigorous event, and will need time to heal and develop into the beautiful end product. 

As you can see in Everlasting Brows’ informational video, microblading is a tested and true technique perfected by registered beauticians to help transform the basic everyday brow into a glam-worthy sensation.

What do you think? 

Would you ever consider getting your eyebrows microbladed? Comment below your thoughts and opinions!

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