On My Playlist: MisterWives

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If you aren’t already obsessed with them, prepare to be.

“On My Playlist” takes new hits and old favorites and turns them into outfits anyone can rock.

Last time “On My Playlist,” I was getting ready for a very special concert experience… and as expected, Panic! At The Disco absolutely killed it. But I’m not here to talk about them: I’m here to talk about their opening act, MisterWives.

You may have heard of them before, be it as an opening act for the likes of Twenty One Pilots or while browsing YouTube, but they’re having their moment again as P!ATD’s opening act and by covering Chance the Rapper’s song “Same Drugs.” 

Formed back in 2012 when frontwoman Mandy Lee decided to put together an ’80s cover band for a party, the friends have been together since, releasing an EP and an album (second one is on the way!) that still doesn’t fully capture the band’s multifaceted sound and unstoppable energy.

Seeing them on tour was amazing, both because they can perform one heck of a set, and also because Mandy Lee’s style is to die for. As soon as I got back, I watched their music videos and so was inspired for this week’s column! 

Our Own House

Products: Sweatshirt – Miss Selfridge, Shorts – Alternative Apparel, Bra – Fabletics, Running Shoes – Kohl’s

I struggled to decide which outfit to recreate first (the heart sweater and final dance-off outfit made my heart flutter), but I kept coming back to the practicality of Mandy’s practice outfit in “Our Own House”.

Perfect for running errands after a run (or, you know, practicing to take down the local dance gang), this outfit values comfort over all. Take advantage of the spring weather and slip into a cropped sweatshirt and cute sports bra.

I love the red shorts for this look, but you could easily substitute yoga pants or regular leggings for more coverage. Finish off with your running shoes and you are set to take the world on with your funky fresh moves!

Not Your Way

Products: Pants – Amazon, Blouse – OASAP, Shoes – Modcloth, Tote – Kohl’s, Suspenders – Kohl’s

Inspired by Mandy’s literal “borrowing from the boys” look in “Not Your Way,” this outfit is perfect for when you want to be quirky-cute during Casual Fridays at your work or internship. 

These jeans have a cute “tuxedo stripe” up the side of them, a nice little detail that dresses them up in an unexpected way. The blouse gets up back in touch with our girly side while keeping everything nice and clean. 

The suspenders and tote are completely optional, but they’re sly little nods to Mandy’s character and help the outfit pop. Speaking of pop: the red pumps remind us of the color change at the end of the film and finish off the look perfectly. (If you wanted to make the outfit a bit more hipster-ish, Converse or oxfords would do the trick!)


Products: Blazer – Charlotte Russe, Pencil Skirt – H&M, T-Shirt – Modcloth, Earrings – Aeropostale, Boots – Overstock.com

Easily my favorite song of theirs, Reflections is infectious, mischievous fun. I couldn’t help but put some of the video’s rebelliousness into the details of the outfit, which traditionally would seen at the office, but now can venture into the realm of nights out and brunches.

The graphic t-shirt is a crucial and flexible part of the outfit, perfect for tucking into (or leaving out of) the soft pencil skirt. (I chose the dark gray version here, but any of the colors would work!) The blazer keeps things looking pretty and polished, but you could switch it out for a cardigan or light jacket of your choice.

The boots are sturdy, perfect and practical if you’re bar-hopping with the girls, but the earrings are my favorite touch. (So sassy and delicate!) In the style of Mandy Lee, you can switch the earrings out for a wild pair, or even get rid of the earrings altogether and stack bracelets. The choice is yours!

Bring Back the Beat! 

What do you think? Have you been listening to MisterWives since forever — and what’s your favorite song by them? What songs are you jamming out to now — and what songs should inspire my next outfits? Let me know in the comments!   

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