Science Says Slouching Might Boost Your Brain’s Performance

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Love a good slouch? Don’t we all … recent studies have shown that slouching can actually have some very positive benefits to our bodies and minds. So those of us who consciously or unconsciously have a tendency to curl over, read on.

Slouching can boost brain performance

Holding ones posture can be an all-consuming task. Especially after many moments on the task, as it begins to require ample concentration. And although we are taught that “sitting up straight” is beneficial for our internal organs, studies have shown that slouching can actually help us to better concentrate on the task in front of us.

Set your core muscles free

Research indicated that when students slouched while solving mathematical equations, they had more cognitive power for the more difficult math problems. The students relaxed their core muscles when approaching the harder equations, and were deemed equally as successful with the tougher equations as with the simpler ones.

Do we owe it all to slouching?

While the test results are suggestive, further studies would need to be conducted in order to determine whether or not good posture is actually detrimental to the use of cognitive power. One can only hope that slouching is helpful and here to stay.

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