Stop Searching: These Are The Best Online Thrift Stores

Who knew you could thrift without leaving your home?

Note: This post is part of our series on the best stores for college women. See our list of the best stores for cheap clothes for more store recommendations!

Shopping for clothes at a thrift store is a committed mission – you have to sift through what feels like millions of options, make sure they’re in good condition, and if you snooze, you lose. But… what if I told you there is someone who will do all the work for you, and all you have to do is scroll and look for what you like?

The answer? Online thrift stores! If you didn’t know about these gems on the web, you’re missing out big time. These online thrift stores have a vast collection of second-hand clothing and accessories, and you can do the selection process in the comfort of your own home.

Read on to learn more about the top 5 online thrift stores

1. ASOS Marketplace

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Probably one of the earliest online thrift stores, ASOS Marketplace (an offshoot of ASOS) is dedicated to buying and selling second-hand clothing. Here, you can find vintage items and brands (think Tommy Hilfiger, FILA) that are making a comeback and currently trending again in the fashion world.

Other than vintage pieces, the site also features countless independent sellers that carry vintage-inspired wares. You are guaranteed to find pieces that are unique and special at ASOS Marketplace. 

2. Poshmark 

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Poshmark is one of the fastest-growing online thrift stores out there. They’ve built customers’ loyalty by recruiting beauty and fashion bloggers to re-sell their own clothes on the website, thus creating a supply of high-quality and stylish second-hand clothing. 

Poshmark has since expanded into a large network of sellers and buyers, and is known for its quality and huge variety of options. It’s very possible that you can find items that have sold out in stores at Poshmark for a cheaper price.  

3. LePrix 

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Dreaming of Gucci belts or YSL bags? Well, we might not be able to afford the ones in stores, but that doesn’t mean we can’t save up for equally amazing ones on LePrix! LePrix is your one-stop shop for vintage luxury pieces. They have an amazing selection of luxury brands and you’re bound to find the best quality second-hand items here. 

They have authenticity policies to ensure that each item sold on the website is well-preserved and in good condition before it is posted, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

4. The Vintage Twin 

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If you love hunting for one-of-a-kind, reworked vintage items, then The Vintage Twin will be a paradise for you. Founded by Morgan and Samantha Elias, both vintage fashion lovers, the pieces on The Vintage Twin are given a second life by being reworked or altered. The owners scour through different items and old fabrics to create new pieces with individuality. 

Each item is one-of-a-kind, so you can guarantee that you’ll be the only person in the world who owns one. When you find a piece you love, it’s truly yours!

5. ThredUp 

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ThredUp is one of the largest online thrift stores. They sell SO many items, including plus size,  juniors, and even maternity. To make it even better, they often have additional sales, so you’re bound to get the best price. 

They also have a monthly Goody Box subscription program, where ThredUp hand-picks the pieces they think would best fit your interests and style for just $10. Not only do you get to update your wardrobe, but it’s super-inexpensive to do so.

There you have it: the best online thrift stores! 

Do you thrift online often or do you prefer doing it in person? Do you prefer another online thrift store? Let me know in the comments below! 

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