The 6 Best College Graduation Gifts Under $50

In case you want a great gift for a grad without spending a fortune.

Graduation will be here before you know it! We’ve already shared our favorite graduation outfits, graduation cap ideas, and even graduation shoes. So it’s safe to say that commencement is definitely on our minds.

Earlier this week, we showed you a few of our favorite graduation gifts for her. However, we didn’t want to stop there! There are tons of great college graduation gifts out there, and if you didn’t find your favorite in our first list, here are some more ideas that won’t break the bank.

Here are the best college graduation gifts under $50, to save money while you get your grad something amazing:

1. A Work Tote Bag

This first item is a great choice! It’s likely that your grad is starting a real job; that’s why she needs a fabulous work tote bag. Regardless of the field she’s going into, it’s likely she’ll have to transport a lot of items, and this bag will allow her to do just that.

This specific tote is $29.99 from Target and will serve many purposes. It’s reversible so it can also go from black to a deep cognac color. This is great because it will work with many different outfits in her wardrobe. 

2. A Framed Photo of a College Memory

This is probably the cheapest but most meaningful gift. It’s very likely that you have a plethora of amazing memories you cherish with your graduate so this is a great way to reminisce with her and always remind her of those!

Whether she’s staying in town, or moving away to an entire new city, this gift will be a perfect reminder of the time you spent together! A way to make it even more personalized is to DIY a frame.

3. An Inspiring Book

This is another great gift! Give your graduate confidence with a true girlboss type of book. This will show her that everyone has started from exactly where she’s at right now and will give her confidence.

The book pictured above, Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women, is perfect for the creative woman who is already in the workforce or one who is just starting out in the industry! A perfect graduation gift and only $10.99 on Amazon.

4. An Art Print of Your College Town

This item is perfect for the grad who loves to decorate her apartment. I personally have an Evelyn Henson print of my college town, and I absolutely love it. She does prints of cities all over the world. Did your grad study abroad in Amsterdam? You’re covered!

These are on the pricier side, at $49.99, but they will be a gift your grad of choice will never forget! These are hand painted by Evelyn Henson so they are very special and something she’ll cherish forever.

5. An Amazon Gift Card

I mean, honestly. This gift is pretty good for basically anybody! An Amazon gift card can be used for so many different things, so this is great for a graduate who is moving to a new city or even one who is staying put but getting her own place!

A gift card will allow her to buy pots, a new rug, or even a new work wardrobe! It’s affordable but also gives her so many options. This might seem a bit impersonal at first, so Amazon also has specific graduation holders to personalize it more.

6. A Bouquet of Flowers

Such a classic graduation gift. This gift is a perfect go-to that everyone will always appreciate. These are beautiful and will look amazing in all of her graduation photos.

Think this gift is too cliche? Instead of getting some flowers at Walmart or the grocery store, check out online flower delivery sites that offer more sophisticated bouquets. My personal favorite is Bouqs who has gorgeous bouquets and most are under $40! 

What are your favorite college graduation gifts?

These are just a few college graduation gifts I think are great! If you have any other great ideas, leave a comment below!

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