The Sweaters You Need in Your Closet Now

Petition to rename fall “sweater season”?

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It’s easy to love fall for its beautiful foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, sweaters

Aside from being a staple that caters to literally every single style out there, sweaters are incredibly cute, cozy, and practical! That’s not something you often see in fashion, and that’s why they’re a must-have when it comes to clothes for college.

Here are my top picks for sweaters you need in your closet this fall and winter:


Cardigans are a classic piece; my personal favorites include an oversized, white, chunky cable-knit cardigan and a more formal black one with striping on the sleeves. Here are some picks below:

Products: White Knit Cardigan – H&M, Sporty Black Cardigan – Express, Baby Blue Cardigan – Mango

The first sweater from H&M is a cozy neutral option; it’s a simple piece that you can find in almost every girl’s closet because it’s so versatile. 

The black cardigan from Express has some sporty piping on the sleeves and the hem, and it’s a great option for girls who enjoy a modern look! The final cardigan from Mango is a cute way to add a subtle pop of color, and it’s also a piece that would translate seamlessly to the workplace.

Oversized Pullover

This is the item that most people think of when they think “sweater”. Oversized pullovers are perfect for class, a date, and even just lounging around in the common area. Think of this option as a blanket that’s socially acceptable to wear in public. 

Products: Rust Colored Tunic – Free People, Royal Blue Knit Sweater – Mango, Red Cable Knit Sweater – Bershka

The pullover sweaters I chose each come in a unique color. After all, oversized pieces can make you look like a marshmallow or black cloud of doom, but picking one in a bright color is always a stylish option. 

The piece from Free People is definitely a splurge while the other two sweaters from Mango and Bershka are more reasonably priced!

Trendy Option

Be sure to pick out a few sweaters that incorporate current trends. These should reflect your personal style, so go wild! For inspiration, here are sweater picks catering to two different types of style:

Classic Style

Products: Purple Chunky Knit Sweater – Zara, Striped Sweater – Zara, Soft Green Sweater – Zara

If your style is more classic, these sweaters would be an easy way for you to experiment with some current trends while staying true to timeless classic fits and cuts. 

Zara is absolutely killing it in the sweater department this season, so all three picks are from that brand! The chunky knit sweater incorporates one of the most popular colors of the year, purple, but it maintains a classic shape to balance it out. 

The striped sweater has pops of Gen Z yellow at the sleeve, which makes the piece look both preppy and current. The green sweater has a unique fuzzy texture, and the bright color is also trending at the moment.

Modern Style

Products: Oversized Sweater – Zara, Sweater with Side Stripe – Bershka, Sweater with Contrast Sleeve Stripes – Zara

If your style is more modern, these sweaters are for you! I love the little details on each of these sweaters. The first oversized sweater from Zara looks like a cross between a preppy school uniform sweater and a Varsity jacket; somehow it all comes together and looks great in this classic Americana color palette. 

The Bershka sweater looks like something someone would wear golfing, but with an edge. I love how the side stripes say “No Slogans Please”. It’s a little ironic, quirky, and altogether, charming. 

The basic black sweater on the far right is jazzed up with the pink striping details at the sleeve; very cute, and a practical option for someone with many pink accessories! Matching your accessories to details in your outfit is an easy way to elevate an outfit. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater

You know you’ll be attending at least one Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in the future; time to embrace it and buy your favorite one! Even if you’re not Christian, a lot of fraternities like to throw holiday-themed sweater parties, so you have an excuse to buy a really inexpensive one.

Products: Reindeer Sweater – Amazon, Merry Xmas Sweater – Amazon, All I Want Sweater – Amazon

(From Cute and Cuddly to NSFW for most workplaces!)

School Sweatshirt

Whether you’re wearing a sorority, club, sports, or just plain old school spirit sweatshirt, it’s a must-have in your closet! It’s a classic for a reason, and you’ll probably wear this sweatshirt on lazy days, into your 30s until it falls apart, and definitely during finals season.

What did you think of these essential sweaters? 

Do you have a personal favorite that you can’t stop reaching for in your closet? Let me know in the comments below! 

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