Tips #1: Start Your Day With Simple Workout Moves

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What are the benefits of working out in the morning?

If you’re someone who craves the powerful benefits of an early workout —

  • increase blood flow
  • heighten energy level
  • enhanced cognitive acuity
  • boost metabolism

yet doesn’t have the time and energy to hit the gym, don’t give up just yet.

How will this plan help?

We’ve got a practical, time-effective solution that will be a perfect way to break your day in. Just get out of bed, find a spot in your house with ample space, and do the 10 Minute Wake Up Workout Circuit. 

In just under 10 minutes, this high-intensity, 7-exercise circuit will help you crush the day ahead. It requires no equipment other than a carpet/towel/exercise mat.

You will receive a reminder every day to show you the moves. And more importantly, we will include a bonus tips to help you overcome the possible barriers and make this habit stick.

The 10 Minute Wake Up Workout Circuit

Click exercises names for video demos.

For all exercises complete the prescribed time/# of reps. If you’re unable to complete an exercise in full, do for as long/as many reps as possible.

Exercise 1 — Jumping Jacks

Reps/Duration: 60 reps

Primary Target(s): Cardio

Exercise 2 — Bicycle Crunches

Reps/Duration: 45 seconds

Primary Target(s): Abs (Obliques, Rectus Abdominis)

Exercise 3 — Burpees

Reps/Duration: 20 reps

Primary Target(s): Chest, Legs

Exercise 4 — Ab Planks

Reps/Duration: 60 seconds

Primary Target(s): Abs (Transverse Abdominis)

Exercise 5 — Side Plank Raises

Reps/Duration: 20 reps per side

Primary Target(s): Abs (Obliques)

Exercise 6 — Mountain Climbers

Reps/Duration: 30 seconds

Primary Target(s): Cardio, Legs, Abs

Exercise 7 — Ab V Ups

Reps/Duration: 15 reps

Primary Target(s): Abs (Lower Abs)

Bonus Tips #1

If you want to make this morning workout routine a sticky habit, start using paper clips technique. Read the this article to understand the power of visual cue —motivate you to perform a habit with high consistency.

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