Trend Report: Denim Daydream

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This season’s hottest looks have one thing in common: denim apparel and accessories.

Photo by Tamara Bellis

Since day two of this year’s New York Fashion week, we here at CF have realized one thing: Denim isn’t going anywhere this spring. Whether 2017’s preferred denim trend is wide-leg and vintage-inspired (like Glamour predicts) or back to low-rider (which I personally hope never happens, Alexa Chung), we’ve picked out the best denim apparel on the market.

Happy shopping, ladies — the forecast for chic denim this spring has never looked brighter! (Or more affordable; all finds are under $100.)

From H&M

Products: Blue Jean | Embroidered Skirt | Ruffled JacketPink Jean | Light Jacket | Denim Short

H&M’s selection of denim apparel is cheap, no-fuss, and easy to dress up or down with the right accessories. What’s not to love?

My personal H&M favorite is the embroidered denim skirt; I would definitely pair it with a neutral tone tank top or white button-down any day. And while I’m not normally a fan of denim-on-denim, any of these items would look great paired with another denim piece. Wear the pink jean out with the ruffled blue jacket to your next Art History lesson!

From Forever 21

Products: Embroidered Overall | Light Dress | Ripped Jean | Cutout Dress | Floral Jacket | Pink Skirt | Ruffle Bralette

I was surprised to see that most of my favorite denim pieces from Forever 21 were light blue and frayed. All of the items above have a vintage feel to them, which brings me back to the ’70s look I hope to see on the streets soon enough.

In addition to looking good in-store and in your closet, any of these items would fit in perfectly at an outdoor music festival. Match the ruffled denim bralette with an eyelash-lace trimmed top and beach pants for your next trip to Coachella or Lollapalooza!

From Macy’s

Products: Two-Tone Overall | Belted Shirtdress | Embroidered Jacket | Patch Jacket | Off-The-Shoulder Dress | Ruffled Top | Cutoff Short

While Macy’s denim products are a tad more expensive than H&M and Forever 21, they offer you the best bang for your buck. 

Consider any of the pieces above as an investment to your wardrobe that is also highly versatile! For instance, the high-waisted cutoff short looks equally stylish when paired with a light sweater or bandeau top, while the denim off-the-shoulder dress can look snazzy with a jeweled necklace or large hoop earrings.

Ready to try out the denim trend?

I know I am! What’s your favorite denim style for spring and why? Would you like to see more trends broken down on CF? If so, which ones?

Tell us everything in the comments section below!

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