Video Game Fashion: Beyond Two Souls

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Warning: This post may cause flashbacks of questionable outfits from high school.

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Starring big-shot Hollywood actors like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Beyond: Two Souls is more than just a video game. It’s an interactive movie. 

Though player involvement is limited, this is the kind of game that keeps you totally engaged. Plus, it’s one of the few video games to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Cool, right?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this one, here’s a bit about it. Ellen Page stars as Jodie Holmes, a young woman who can hear and talk to a spirit named Aiden. Though how they are connected is never explained, you play as Jodie as she grows up dealing with Aiden, an older brother figure of sorts.

Intrigued? This week I’ve created three outfits inspired by Jodie’s attire in Beyond: Two Souls throughout the years. 

Young Jodie


Young Jodie Holmes is a typical kid — she wears whatever her parents choose. Jodie lives on a military base, so she doesn’t wearing tutus or fur coats like North West. Think more along the lines of cute little bootcut jeans and plenty of pink.

Get a cute look in some skinny, light-colored, rose-embroidered jeans. The roses on the jeans along with the vibrant hues of the sweater and earrings embody the playfulness of childhood. 

Now it’s time for accessories. Beige ankle boots make the outfit look a bit older. And you can carry an Aiden of your own with a pair of gray, cartoon ghost socks. 

There you have it: A look grown-up enough for a night out on the town and cute enough to make any kid jealous.

Products: Jeans – ASOS, Shoes – Sole Society, Sweater – Boohoo, Earrings – Nordstrom Rack, Socks – Topshop

Teen Jodie


Teenage Jodie is just as angsty and alternative as you’d expect her to be. She’s in the phase where she hates everyone — more specifically, Jodie hates the doctors in charge of her. Naturally, heavy eyeliner, super long bangs, and hoodies are her style go-tos.

This outfit channels the angry teen look with a modern twist. Start with a pair of ripped red jeggings. Throw on a basic striped black-and-white top with a hoodie to channel your inner teen.

Chunky black, platform boots give the outfit that gothic edge we all craved in high school. Lastly, show off your eyes by putting on a ton of black, liquid eyeliner from the only brand that we high school girls could afford, e.l.f.. (It’s actually still a go-to for me in college!)

Products: Jeggings – Charlotte Russe, Top – Lord & Taylor, Hoodie – Target, Boots – Macy’s, Eyeliner – e.l.f. Cosmetics

Adult Jodie


Adult Jodie has been down on her luck for a long time. She’s dealt with people using her, being homeless, and even being abused for being different. Over the course of the game, you’re right there with her through all of this and obviously, it’s heartbreaking (though a compelling story). 

Jodie changes a lot mentally and physically and you can see this in her style, too.

Grown-up Jodie’s style is naturally more mature, yet surprisingly basic for someone with such a complex inner world. Flannels are her thing, along with flowy, loose tops and skinny jeans. Jodie is never seen without a pair of combat boots. 

To liven up Jodie’s adult attire, begin with her usuals and grab a plaid flannel, some skinny jeans and some brown combat boots. Throw on a light blue, flowy, ruffle top for a refreshing take on Jodie’s loose fitting-top preference. 

Finally, tie everything together with a set of layered necklaces similar to the one that Jodie doesn’t really leave home without.

Products: Boots – JCPenney, Flannel – American Eagle, Necklaces – Lulu’s, Jeans – H&M, Top – Forever 21

What do you think?

This game has mixed reviews, so I want to know: What are your thoughts? 

Should this have just been a movie? Or is the video game aspect what you like about it? Don’t you just love Ellen Page? And most importantly, do you like these looks? Let me know in the comments!

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