Video Game Fashion: Until Dawn

It was just a prank, Han!

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I fell in love with Until Dawn back in 2013 – a full two years before it was released. As soon as I saw the teaser trailer for this Playstation-exclusive game, I knew I had to play it. And it did not disappoint one bit. 

Starring celebrities like Rami Malek (of Mr. Robot) and Hayden Panettiere, Until Dawn follows a group of teens in a remote cabin who are attacked by a madman and must survive, well, “until dawn.”

While campy horror isn’t a new concept in the video game world, Until Dawn is the first game to tackle this type of plot with both choice-driven story development and killer (ahem) graphics. Basically, this unique game rocks and you should play it. 

And so, let’s get into this week’s Video Game Fashion, inspired by Until Dawn:


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Sam, played by Hayden Panettiere, is one of our main protagonists and the down-to-Earth cool girl of the group. Sam is our hero, the one we root for no matter what.

Sam’s go-to outfit when she isn’t running around in a towel (sigh, women in video games) is a red plaid skirt and black tank combo with a leather jacket. 

Following the cute, slightly grungy look she has going on, I’ve created this Sam-inspired outfit. I swapped her tank for an off-the-shoulder top and paired that with a red plaid skirt and leather jacket. I also added a red scarf, optional leggings for cold days, and some cute red boots perfect for eluding maniacs in any weather.

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Jess, who is played by Camp Rock’s Meaghan Martin, is your typical mean girl. She’s unbearably cute, but also very rude. Jess’s interests – aside from playing not-so-nice pranks on her “friends” – include her boyfriend Mike, snowball fights, and cheerleading. Indeed, she’s a “popular girl” cliche’.

Jess is all about looking cute, so channel her look with a baby blue and pink satin bomber jacket. Pair it with some knee-high grey boots, skinny jeans, and a white tank for an on-trend look. Finally, tie the look together with some cutesy pigtail braids and a purple crossbody bag.

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Photo  Credit: Supermassive Games

Josh, played by Rami Malek, is not only the cutest guy in the game, but also the most complex. Without going into spoilers, let’s just say he’s been through a lot in life. 

Josh’s wardrobe is quite simple, so I went for a grey and black color palette for his inspired outfit. From the neutral-toned overalls to the grey beanie, black shirt, and black-and-grey flannel, this look channels Josh’s calm demeanor. However, I also alluded to his complex, traumatic backstory with this black graphic shirt. (Plus, I’d just like to think Josh is a fan of American Horror Story.) 

Lastly, I spiced up his look a bit more with some cognac boots. They make for a nice pop of color against the monochrome outfit, and they’re cute and practical just like Josh.

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What do you think?

Did you enjoy Until Dawn? If so, who’s your favorite character? Are there any video games out there you’d like to see me cover next? Leave me a comment below and let me know! 

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