We've Rounded Up the Best End of Summer Activities to Make Your August Unforgettable

Summer is almost over! Here are some fun activities to help you make the most of those last few days.

Summer is almost over and school is almost here. We are now approaching the end of July and soon we will be entering August. As we are coming closer to the last month of summer, there are definitely some things you should do before you head back to school.

Here are our favorite end of summer activities to help you maximize the time you have left. Live it up! 

1. Beach Getaway

Before the summer is over, you definitely need to head to the beach to soak up those final rays of sunshine. One of things I miss the most during the Fall and Winter is going to the beach — it seems I never get enough beach time during the summer, and it’s always a regret. There is nothing more relaxing than laying out a towel and laying in the sunshine as you hear the waves crashing on the shore. 

So before the summer ends, I recommend you head down to a beach near you with a few friends and spend a weekend at the shore. Spend the mornings at the beach, go to the boardwalk, and even spend the nights going out to fun dinners or go dancing at a nearby club. Having a weekend of fun away from home is refreshing and will give you that last bit of fun before you head back to school. 

If you can only plan a day trip to the beach, that’s better than nothing! Make sure you check it off your summer list and soak up the atmosphere.

2. Carnival

Another great way to end the summer is going to a local or state carnival! Carnivals are a great place to have fun with your friends and family, whether you’re going on rides or playing carnival games. Not only can you get your adrenaline rush from thee rides, but you can also indulge in some of the best foods such as fried oreos, turkey leg, and funnel cakes. Going to a carnival is also fun for an end of summer date with your loved ones and hopefully you can win a stuffed bear to commemorate a great date night. 

3. Road Trip

Want to find your escape? Hit the road with some friends on a road trip to end your summer. Going on a road trip with friends is the perfect time to explore and have some time to find yourself before you go back to reality. Also, going on a road trip is a great way to try new foods and explore different places. 

I find it important to see the world while you still have the chance to before work and life get in the way. This will also give you the chance to build greater bonds with friends as you spend days exploring the world together. For more on planning the perfect road trip, see what to pack for a road trip.

4. Shopping Spree

Sometimes it’s a good idea to treat yourself. With school approaching, there a tons of back to school sales coming up. This is a great time to go to the mall with a couple of friends and splurge on some nice back to school clothes. See our coupons & sales lists for the latest deals to shop each weekend and save money.

You can also spend your money on skincare and makeup to get you ready for the fall. It’s always good to refresh your makeup with new makeup and find some skincare to last you through the cold weather. So before the summer is over, I suggest you go on a little shopping spree to treat yourself — you deserve it!

5. Go to a Concert

This last one might leave a dent in your bank account but it’s definitely worth it. Going to a concert is one of the best things you can do during those last summer days. There are tons of artists going on tour during the summer, with tons of chances for you to see your fave. 

However, if you can’t afford tickets to see Beyonce or Taylor Swift, there are also local bands that you can support at venues in your hometown. There are so many wonderful local artists that you can support that put on amazing shows that are cheaper and are closer to home. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite band!

What are your favorite end of summer activities?

Let us know in the comments — what are your favorite things to do before the summer is over?

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