What Your Favorite Firefly Music Festival Artist Says About You

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From Twenty One Pilots to Kesha, it’s quite the lineup!

Here’s the thing about Delaware: we have beaches, and sometimes someone famous will visit University of Delaware. That, for the most part, is it. We’re a small state, alright? Not much can happen here. 

Not much, that is, except for the once-a-year explosion of music and celebration that is…Firefly Music Festival! 

Every year, around this time – this year it’s July 15-18 – the city of Dover is flooded with festival-goers from all over the country hoping to get a glimpse of some of the hottest music artists around. 

There’s a Firefly headliner perfect for everyone, and your own personal favorite can reveal a lot about you and your festival style! 

If You’re Here for Kesha….

You’re a wild child who loves life! 

Although your go-big-or-go-home attitude can leave you in some messy situations, like trying to get onstage with your favorite artist, at least you’re always left with a crazy story to tell. 

Your festival outfit is sure to feature tons of glitter — which will be left all over the place — but hey, who cares? Firefly is outdoors for a reason! 

If You Prefer Twenty One Pilots…

You’re a trendsetter

Before Twenty One Pilots was the hottest band around, you knew them and you loved them. You have an uncanny ability to know what and who is going to be on everybody’s Twitter feed, and so they usually end up on yours first. 

Whatever outfit you pick, it’s going to be of-the-moment, and your squad of social media followers will be all over it. 

If You Love The Weeknd…

You’re edgy

You have a too-cool-for-school demeanor that intimidates some, but is admired by most. Music festivals are cool, but you’re just as comfortable at a messy, insane rave. 

Racerback tops and studded denim shorts are your go-to festival pieces, but then, it can be hard to predict what you’re going to wear or do next. 

If You’re Into The Shins…

You’re a bit of a hipster – and that’s okay! 

So what if you love succulent plants, dark-rimmed glasses, and vinyl? You own your hipster-ness in a way that few others do. 

Although you might get a few snickers from others for your outfit bought entirely from a thrift store, you don’t mind, because you’re all about being yourself. 

If Your Favorite is Bob Dylan…

You’re classic

There are people who will call you old-fashioned, but you take that as a compliment. You know what you like, and what you like are the classics.

This love of old school extends to your wardrobe — your fave tee, jeans, and sneakers, which, while not super fashionable, are going to make you the most comfortably dressed attendee at Firefly.

What do you think? 

Who’s your favorite Firefly headliner? It doesn’t have to be from these five! There’s also Chance The Rapper, Muse, Benny Benassi, and more, which is what I love about music festivals: people with all kinds of tastes in music can come together and just have fun! 

So comment below, share this article, and until next time, Happy Firefly, readers! 

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