3 Back-to-College Outfit Ideas Inspired by the Girls of Harry Potter

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Let Hermione, Luna, and Ginny show you how to dress.

If you think tomorrow is just another Friday, guess again! It’s September 1st. That’s right, the fictional first day of term for Hogwarts. 

My letter has been lost in the mail for like, eleven years now, and I’m still upset about it, but not so upset that I don’t always celebrate the most magical first-day-of-school around.

I’m lucky to live close to Universal Orlando, so I get to dress up in my Hogwarts uniform every year and (wait in line for an hour to) ride the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley (Universal Studios) to Hogwarts (Islands of Adventure).

However, since I’m guessing most of you have to go to real class tomorrow, and don’t have the option of wearing robes around campus, I’ve assembled a few back-to-school outfit ideas inspired by some of my favorite girls of the “Harry Potter” universe!

Harry Potter Back to School Outfits: Hermione Granger

Products: Overalls – ModCloth, Sweater – Forever 21, S.P.E.W. pin – Etsy, Flourish & Blott’s Pin – Etsy, Backpack – eBay, Shoes – ModCloth

Hermione’s non-robe costume choices in the film franchise pretty much exclusively depend on an assortment of casual sweaters, which is fine by me, because nothing says “fall” like a nice, muted striped sweater. 

Pair your sweater with some forest green overalls, then slip on some cat-inspired flats (as a subtle Crookshanks reference). 

I have one of these backpacks myself and it’s PERFECT for displaying buttons and pins like these adorable ones, which depict Flourish & Blott’s (definitely Hermione’s favorite Diagon Alley store) and S.P.E.W. (Hermione’s house-elf rights organization that somehow never made it into the movies). 

Harry Potter Back to School Outfits: Luna Lovegood

Products: Headband – Forever 21, Notebook – Rifle Paper Co., Dress – ModCloth, Bag – ModCloth, Boots – Forever 21

Luna Lovegood will always be one of my favorite characters because of her unabashedly quirky personality. I think she would love the assortment of bright colors and shapes on this darling shirtdress, which pairs nicely with chocolate brown riding boots. 

Luna adores magical creatures and even goes on to marry one of Newt Scamander‘s descendants, so incorporate animal inspiration into your look with pieces like this cat-printed messenger bag or a gold butterfly headband. 

Finally, take class notes in a notebook with a unique pattern, like this gorgeous one from Rifle Paper Co.!

Harry Potter Back to School Outfits: Ginny Weasley

Products: Shirt – Forever 21, Converse – DSW, Earring – Hot Topic, Jeans – Forever 21, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Hair Ties – Forever 21, Backpack – Ruche

Kindly note that this outfit is inspired by BOOK Ginny, not movie Ginny, as the two are completely different characters and I will never stop being mad that fiery, sarcastic, Quidditch-playing, curse-throwing, badass book Ginny somehow became so bland and useless in the films. 

BOOK Ginny would rock a Gryffindor-red plaid shirt like this one and rip her skinny jeans herself because it would offer her legs more freedom to kick Inquisitorial Squad goons in the throat. Movie Ginny would probably put these no-nonsense black Converse sneakers on the wrong foot, mumble “shoelace” and shuffle away. 

BOOK Ginny would wear Snitch earrings like these, probably made from a real Snitch that she caught herself even though she was supposed to be playing Chaser because “Potter was taking too long.” Movie Ginny is apparently only on the Quidditch team because the rest of her family is, since we barely see her play. 

Book Ginny only needs a small, sleek leather backpack like this one to carry her stuff, because the rest of her books are being carried by all the boys who are obsessed with her. 

Don’t be movie Ginny. Wear this, channel book Ginny, and go kick ass at school this year. 

What do you think? 

Which lady of the Harry Potter universe is your favorite? Which of these looks do you like the best? Will you be wearing any of them to class this week? Let me know in the comments!

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