Best of New Beauty: 4 Eyeshadow Palettes That Are Worth the Spend

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Wondering which new makeup launches are actually bomb? CF has all the deets.

Everyone has their favorite part of their makeup routine. For some, watching foundation even out skin tone and cover up pores is the best thing on earth, while others love taking their eyebrows from zero to one-hundred in sixty seconds flat.

For me, putting on eyeshadow has always been my favorite thing when it comes to beauty, because there are so many options, with the only limit being your creativity.

Even with just a single eyeshadow palette, you can create hundreds if not thousands of looks that are all uniquely different.

This is mostly why I love collecting eyeshadow palettes. And as a collector, I’m always looking out for the hot new eyeshadow palette that’s taking the internet/world by storm.

Some palettes come and go without ever piquing my interest (like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Drama), whereas other palettes have me setting 10 reminders and 30 alarms just so I don’t miss the launch exactly when it happens.

For these 4 amazing new eyeshadow palettes, the latter was the case. And thankfully, even after I received them and actually put them to the test, they all held up to my high standards.

So without further ado, keep on reading to discover which 4 palettes you simply *must* add to your makeup collection:

1. Lunar Beauty “Life’s a Drag” Eyeshadow Palette

I always love when beauty influencers create their own brands and products because they know what fans really want, and they put so much time and effort into their products — and even take fans behind the scenes sometimes.

Getting the chance to test and review so many makeup products only adds to the expertise these influencers possess, which, naturally, then goes into the creation of products that actually work.

This is exactly the case for YouTube sensation Manny Mua’s brand Lunar Beauty, and their first launch, the Life’s a Drag Eyeshadow Palette.

The color selection has something for everyone, with neutrals for all skin tones on one half of the palette and bold, colorful hues at the other end.

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This palette has already inspired so many cool and unique color-filled looks, and is sure to inspire you as part of your collection.

Plus the fact that these shadows are easy to blend and super pigmented makes using this palette well worth the money. Five out of five stars!

2. L’Oréal Colour Riche Paradise Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

If you told me five years ago that L’Oréal was going to release a warm-neutrals eyeshadow palette that I was going to fall in absolute love with, I would’ve thought you were off your rocker. But, here we are.

All 12 shades in this lovely scented palette can be mixed together in one way or another to create the perfect soft glam for during the day.

This palette is really user-friendly, being that not all of the shades are scary-pigmented but they still all blend like a dream.

For $14.99 you really can’t find a better neutral palette at the drugstore.

3. Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette

The Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette by Alamar Cosmetics is a Cuban-inspired masterpiece, with a similar color-story to the Urban Decay Beached Palette, but better.

The richly pigmented, fiery mattes in this palette balance perfectly with the deeper, sultry metallics. So much so that the eye looks you can create with these 8 shades are bound to all be stunning.

This is hands down the perfect palette for summer, because just looking at it transports you to a tropical destination.

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YouTuber KathleenLights is also a hug fan of this palette, and created a beautiful look with these eyeshadows recently, in case you needed another reason to purchase!

4. Revolution Beauty x Soph Extra Spice Palette

The Extra Spice Palette, sophdoesnails’ second collaboration release with Revolution Beauty, is a home run.

Everything about this palette, from the shades, to the formula, to the many food-centric shade names (insert drooling emoji), is perfection.

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While her first eyeshadow palette with Revolution was wildly successful and an instant fan-fave, this new release takes it up a notch and really improves upon what her first palette was lacking.

I can’t say enough good things about this palette, that includes a wide range of colors that work for all four seasons. Overall, this $15 palette should be a new staple in your collection.

Which eyeshadow palettes are your current faves? 

What eyeshadow palettes are you looking forward to getting? Let me know in the comments!

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