Hautelinks: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer, Starbucks' New Magenta Drink, & More

Sit back with a cool beverage and enjoy our favorite links of the week.

Here’s how to keep your hair healthy this summer, via Lauren Conrad.

I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed And Here’s What It Looks Like Now, from Refinery29. Sounds part-scary, part time-saving miracle.

If you haven’t heard, Beyonce and Jay-Z released a new joint album! Here’s exactly where to stream it rn.

Tres cool: The Kate Spade brand is donating $1 million to mental health organizations.

They’re asking for free stays at luxury resorts, so it’s no surprise that Instagram Influencers Are Driving Hotels Crazy, from The Atlantic.

Roadtrips are the best in summer, so here are 7 Roadtrips To Take With Your Girlfriends.

Ooh, fun: Build a Romantic Comedy and We’ll Reveal What Kind of Rom-Com Job You’d Have, from Buzzfeed.

Long but worth it: Harper’s Magazine discusses the “urban crisis of affluence,” when the only people who can afford to live in NYC don’t even want to live there full time.

Apparently Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are already living together. These two move fast!

Interesting: According to Glamour, if you’re feeling burnt out, you might want to take a look at how much screen time you’re indulging in.

Christian Siriano says he literally tripled his business by adding plus sizes. This seems like a no-brainer so it’s shocking more designers don’t do this!

Glamour lists the summer fashion trends they’re seeing all over Instagram.

Here’s a great Bustle article about Pride month parades, featuring a brief history of pride and the upcoming parades that will be happening this weekend in bigger cities.

Forget about the Starbucks Pink Drink — it’s all about the *magenta drink* this summer.

Why Are So Many Stars Rocking the Barefaced Look? Buzzfeed does a deep dive into this trend.

Ooh, would you try the blue hair trend that’s sweeping the nation?

Love this super cute student apartment profiled in Design*Sponge.

Hmm, did Sophie Turner’s new tattoo spoil Game of Thrones? I think “spoiler” is a major reach, tbh.

Oprah and Apple have signed a partnership for original content and basically there’s no way this won’t be amazing.

Also from Refinery, the best hair products to buy at Target this summer.

How to Split The Bill When Eating Out with Friends, via Lifehacker. Everyone needs this skill.

Interesting: Sephora is starting its own version of BeautyCon.

Also from The Cut, How Much Would It Cost to Pay Factory Workers a Living Wage? If true, this is pretty astoundingly minimal.

We’ve known this for a while, but it’s cool to see it acknowledged: In fashion, verbal abuse is going out of style.

Eek: These are the fashion and beauty brands that dug holes for themselves in 2018.

Meghan Markle takes a page out of Diana’s playbook with her latest look.

Refinery29 answers a question we’ve wondered about: Is sulfate-free shampoo really better for your hair?

From Popsugar, 13 things you should do alone in your 20s.

Ooh, we’re intrigued by Brandless’ new line of $3 beauty products. Anyone want to try them out and let us know if they’re good?

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Goals, from Advice from a Twentysomething. <3

Pitchfork reviews Christina Aguilera’s new album, in case you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth a purchase.

I feel like our entire generation can relate to this: I Love My Friends But I Hate Actually Making Plans with Them!

Lea Michele shares her best travel packing tips, perfect for those with vacations coming up.

Newsflash: Cotton Candy grapes have returned to Costco! These are soo good.

And finally… hey Jim!

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