DIY Tutorial: Custom Makeup Bag

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These DIY pouches are so simple to make, and can be used for everything from makeup to coins.

Moving along from the tote bag tutorial from last week, here’s a little DIY makeup bag/pouch you can make to keep all your things organized. Throw this inside your tote to keep your essentials nice and contained!

Make your own little pouch!

Things you will need:

  • 2 7″x6″ rectangles main fabric
  • 2 7″x6″ rectangles lining fabric (Mine turned out very square so if you want a more rectangular looking pouch either increase the width or decrease the length, but make sure the width is about 1/2’’ wider than the zipper)
  • Zipper (mine was 6.5’’ long but feel free to change this up to make it bigger or smaller)
  • Sewing machine
Materials needed to make pouch.

Step 1. Lay one of the main rectangles and a lining rectangle right sides together along the zipper and sew along the edge with the right sides together. Make sure that the main fabric is on the front side of the zipper. Do the same to the other side. I’ve offset the main fabric in the image to help illustrate the way it should be layered, but when you sew it they should all be lined up properly.

General view of attaching the fabric to the zipper.

Step 2: Smooth the fabric out on both sides of the zipper. I also top stitched afterwards to give the pouch a neater finish.

Close up of the top stitching.

Step 3: Sew all four layers of the bottoms together, below you can see I’ve used a zig zag stitch to make the raw edges look more professional but if you’re using a fabric that doesn’t fray then you can leave this part out. 

Bottom seam sewn.

Step 4: Line up the zipper and the bottom seam so you’ve got a tube, then sew up the sides. Again I’ve used a zig zag stitch to finish off the edges.

Side seams sewn.

Step 5: Using the same technique as in the tote bag tutorial, fold the corners so the seam is touching and sew a straight line. Do this to all four corners then trim. Then clip off all the loose threads

Overhead look at the finished corners.
Close up of the corner detail.

Step 6: Turn the bag inside out to reveal the finished pouch!

Finished pouch.

There, you’ve got a pouch perfect for storing your makeup, or just those bits and pieces that tend to get lost at the bottom of your bag. Remember, you can experiment with tons of different fabrics here to truly customize this bag to your personal style.

What do you think?

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