How to Find Your Summer Style Vibe (Plus 4 Unique Examples)

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Chic and earthy? Active and athletic? Romantic and feminine? Discover what style fits you best for all of your summertime needs.

It’s the middle of summer, and for most of us, the heat index is high. Whether summer for you means working double shifts, attending weddings, or going on vacation, it’s important to decide on your summer style vibe early on — this will help make getting dressed a breeze no matter your plans (or the temperature).

Going into summer, everyone has their sense of fashion somewhat discovered. Whether it be athletic or playful, elegant or easy-going, the clothes in our closet often match our personalities. However, the summer is the perfect opportunity to add a little flair and/or shake things up a bit. Surprise those around you and try a little something new this year!

If you’re ready, it’s time to consider what look you’re going for — and I have some ideas to get you started. Popular looks this summer include include chic and earthy, feminine and romantic, edgy and artistic, and athletic and active. Here is an outfit idea for each:

Chic and Earthy:

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This style is represented by natural and neutral tones, such as olive, pale green, nude, tan, cream, and beige. When working with such a palette, one should take into mind several factors of the style, such as hair and makeup. This aesthetic features sleek designs, therefore tied back hair and the “no makeup” look would be great pairings.

To get this outfit, start with a simple pair of cream sandals, then add a simple skirt in an earth tone like olive or brown. To finish it off, rock a white or tan loose-fitting top that can be tied at the waist for a more laid back look, or tucked into the bottoms for a sleeker appearance.

To accessorize, think light. Carry a small neutral colored handbag with your summer essentials, or maybe tie a small scarf through an updo.

Feminine and Romantic:

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The next summer style I’m loving right now is the feminine and romantic look. This style features airy colors such as baby pink, light blue, and other pastel shades. These colors go best with ruffles, lace, and floral prints, giving off a soft and girly appearance. Hair and makeup need more attention to complement the look: Think gentle, clean curls and light pink shades of blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick.

To get this vibe, think about how fancy you desire to appear. If more so than less, take a pair of white open-toed heels and work up from there. And if heels just aren’t your thing, a pair of crisp white sandals will work just as well. Next, find the perfect flowing dress. Whether it be short or long, printed or plain, these options are up to you. Keep in mind which color you find yourself most drawn to, and as long as it’s soft or pale, you’ll still achieve the romantic look.

To accessorize this look, find feminine charm in your extras. Whether you opt for a big pair of shades, a floppy sun hat, or pearl bracelets around your wrist, have fun with your accessories and don’t be afraid of a little drama.

Edgy and Artistic:

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To achieve this edgy and artistic style vibe, first begin with an open mind. This is the most free of the looks, and it comes with so many ways to personalize it to fit your life. Dark, yet playful colors, such as navy, dark green, mustard, and burgundy make up the look, and anything denim or printed completes the edgy wardrobe.

Think shoes first. Are you going for a bold or subtle look? The shoes can make or break this decision. If bold, find a dark pair of platform sandals. If casual, look for a white pair or a light colored pair of cool flats. Next, take something high waisted, whether it be a classic pair of jeans or a printed skirt, making sure that while the top is tight, the bottom is flared. When it comes to finding the ideal top for an edgy look, think layers. One example could be a printed tank worn under a loose, open-knit sweater.

To accessorize this look, think bold! Find large pieces of jewelry, in many colors, to play around with. Play around with different hats as well, experimenting with style and size.

Athletic and Active:

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If you’re a girl on the go, the athletic and active style is perfect for your summer days. This style features an unlimited combination of colors, because it’s the fit/type of clothing that defines this look. When it comes to hair and makeup, quick, easy, and out of the way is best.

To begin, start with the bottoms rather than the shoes. Based on the weather or the activity, decide if you’d rather wear cropped leggings, athletic shorts, a two-piece zip-up set, or a tennis skirt. Pick a neutral color, giving you options to play around with the top and shoes.

To accessorize this look, keep it simple and convenient. Switch out your purse for a fanny pack, throw on a ball cap, and shake the look up by wearing brightly colored or patterned socks.

What do you think?

Finally, no matter where you find yourself this summer, walk with confidence. No outfit, or style, is complete without it, and the best summer accessory for any look is self-appreciation.

Summer shouldn’t be about comparing bodies or lifestyles, it’s about discovering your own style, taking the time to grow, and taking care of yourself.

What do you think? Which style do you relate most to? Are you thinking of trying out a new style this summer? Tell me in a comment below.

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